About this Game
The year is 2378. The gods of Olympus have returned to our universe and have challenged Earth. In order for Earth to continue to exist, the finest Heroes from every corner must face a legion of Titans across the galaxy and, ultimately, face the gods to prove their might. Create your hero now, and help Earth conquest over the Titans!

What is this game written in?
It is built with PHP, MySQL, HTML, Javascript, CSS and heavily leverages Framework7.

Artwork Credit
Logo design, general look & feel by Firestream. Item art by Rexard (purchased from game dev market). Hero, Enemy, Titan art by Azhartz (purchased from Freepik).

Game Updates
- A new Story is available if you are level 60 and can get to the Moon. This is the first story written by a member of the game, so be sure to check it out!
- Two more special colors have been added with new criteria under Settings
- Zeus will drop Shards to the top 3 damage dealers when killed now. This is important to the upcoming God-Tier Season.
- Added Today's Status (from daily stats) to the bottom of Patrol, just for convenience.
******* SEASON 2 BEGINS ********
- Season 2 leaderboards are up
- Bikes can now be infused
- Various small tweaks around the game
- Vendor updates: New Bike and new gear at VQ
- I am sure there will be issues as we have never changed seasons before. I'll be working out kinks this week, so please bare with me.
- New Triumph for No Kills 99
- New Triumph for Max Decode Rank
- Getting ready for Season 2! Starts October 15th
- Boosters that affect perks have been changed to increase their effect based on your level. This should make most boosters more useful even at later levels.
- A new Balanced Booster item has been added that boosts all perks at once. It is available in the Mat/Booster shop and can drop from enemies/bounties.
- Red Memories will drop from enemies (rarely) now in the Underworld and New Agora
- New Kratos godly weapon added
- Starter Kratos now defaults to locked
- Two new Triumphs have been added: 200 Cards Unlocked and 50k kills in a single day
- Small Code of Conduct change
- Bug fixes
- A new unlockable gradient for your username is available under Settings. More of these will be added over time.
- The Acropolis Sentinel and Randal the Vandal can drop new items in support of the new gradient color option
- My Inventory now has an Other list that includes these new items and Shards of Zeus
- Registration still asks for email, but is no longer required
- In support of the new Patreon tiers, a custom emblem upload tool has been added that is accessible from My Settings
- A new achievement for collecting emblems has been added
- Option to turn off your Patreon chat style added to settings
- New booster item: Berserker Charm - runs for 500 attacks and keeps enemies enraged
- New booster item: Enrage Nullifier - runs for 500 attacks and keeps enemies from enraging, also works against public event bosses
- A new story is available at Sol Complex for level 10+
- Added some color to HP bar when you get low
- Added chat mentions when you click on an emblem
- When you purchase a bike now it will be set to Riding
- Daily Stats now shows estimated days to 10B Drachma once you reach level 99 and then days to 75B Drachma once you are over 10B
- Fixed extra twitter icon in acropolis
- Adjusted Borgen price calculations for this weekend
- Small bug fixes and tweaks
- We are on a brand new dedicated server just for this game. No more shared hosting and way better game speed.
- Now if you turn off chat in settings, it will actually turn off the calls for chat, which might help game speed
- The main Clans list now shows the member count
- Decoding single memories now gives a nice popup with the new gear stats and improvements.
- Mass yellow decode added for level 99 Heroes
- Super abilities now do a different effect as part of the removal of Destiny content