About this Game
The year is 2378. The gods of Olympus have returned to our universe and have challenged Earth. In order for Earth to continue to exist, the finest Heroes from every corner must face a legion of Titans across the galaxy and, ultimately, face the gods to prove their might. Create your hero now, and help Earth conquest over the Titans!

What is this game written in?
It is built with PHP, MySQL, HTML, Javascript, CSS and heavily leverages Framework7.

Artwork Credit
Logo design, general look & feel by Firestream. Item art by Rexard (purchased from game dev market). Hero, Enemy, Titan art by Azhartz (purchased from Freepik).

Game Updates
- We are on a brand new dedicated server just for this game. No more shared hosting and way better game speed.
- Now if you turn off chat in settings, it will actually turn off the calls for chat, which might help game speed
- The main Clans list now shows the member count
- Decoding single memories now gives a nice popup with the new gear stats and improvements.
- Mass yellow decode added for level 99 Heroes
- Super abilities now do a different effect as part of the removal of Destiny content
- Subclass ammo changes - certain ones allow for more than single use now
- Fixed scrolling on settings when changing emblems or colors
- Added new emblems for Special Patrons (coming this week)
- Added clan averages and totals to My Clan and View Clan
- Ancient Coin Shop added as a Vendor in Acropolis and also cleaned up
- Booster descriptions mention Perk now
- Special Patron perks have been updated on Patreon
- The long awaited Godly Gear update is live!
- Yellow Memories can be obtained from Mount Olympus only.
- Godly Gear has a chance to be part of one of two new Gear Sets: Slayer and Oracle.
- SLAYER: +4% Attack, +2% LP, +4% XP, +2% Crit
- ORACLE: +2% HP, +4% Def, +4% Drachma, +2% Evade
- Ship for Mount Olympus lowered to 75B Drachma
- Shards of Zeus obtainable from killing Zeus now. Details of this item will be shared in the future. - IMPORTANT: Story progress has reset because it is now tracked per Hero. No rewards were lost.
- A lot of item updates and price drops in the VQ
- Reaper of Mars class item is now called Protean Bracer and has had all stats increased
- A new story system is in place!
- Look for Explore this area in the Acropolis to start with
- Easy stories are in for new players to earn a few things as they are starting out
- This will grow out slowly over time.
- Option has been added to settings to turn on an auto-decode auto-dismantle of white and green memories. This setting is off by default.
- Special Patrons list added to Acropolis.
- New Avenge system in place. If an enemy kills a player, that instance of the enemy will appear red to all other players in the same area. If any other player (including yourself) kills that enemy, you have avenged the hero that was killed and will received 2X the final blow rewards. This doesn't stack though, so even if the same enemy instance kills more than one Hero, you are only ever avenging the last hero killed. The avenge counts are tracked per Hero and there is a seasonal leaderboard.
- Achievement and leaderboards for Heroes Avenged added
- Profiles cleaned up a bit.
- Customize your Hero name and Card now by going to My Hero > Customize
- Art has been refreshed again for heroes, titans, enemies and gods. I think the new card art is much better and opens up a lot of things I can do as the game expands.
- Enemy info sections now have more stats including enemy stat info. They are also reachable after you kill an enemy now.
- Hero creation has been cleaned up and features the new Hero art.
- Gear Sets are now live! This is a complex system that will make you pay attention more to the gear you decode and equip. For a full breakdown see this post.
- New gear at the VQ and Weapon shop related to gear sets
- In Patrol, a random location (same planet) will now appear under Go somewhere else. This allows you to more easily hop around the regions of a planet.
- new run icon
- added link below most powerful heroes
- option to buy Kratos again from VQ
- major database cleanup
- confetti optimization
- achievement progress added to the Acropolis