About this Game
The year is 2378. The gods of Olympus have returned to our universe and have challenged Earth. In order for Earth to continue to exist, the finest Heroes from every corner must face a legion of Titans across the galaxy and, ultimately, face the gods to prove their might. Create your hero now, and help Earth conquest over the Titans!

What is this game written in?
It is built with PHP, MySQL, HTML, Javascript, CSS and heavily leverages Framework7.

Artwork Credit
Logo design, general look & feel by Firestream. Bobblehead and Achievement art by 54an3. Item art by Rexard (purchased from game dev market). Hero, Enemy, Titan art by Azhartz (purchased from Freepik).

Game Updates
Vanguard Quartermaster Tydeus is looking for some gallant heroes to tidy his trade routes. Bring him enough heads and you'll secure a thanks - and some good loot to boot. Live until September 25, 11:59:59 pm CST. Also included is a 15% exp/dra/lp boost with a 10% gxp boost.
Until the 11th September, 2022. Do bounties to earn rewards, and take the chance to grind for the new bike. Additionally enjoy a 10% bonus in xp/gxp/lp/drachma
Event: Kill Titans to earn rewards toward the event shop, so dont miss your chance to get the new special weapon. Its just a small grind away! --Small changes made to Borgen/VGQM stock. --Bi Weekly events will now occur.
- We have moved to Season 3 Leaderboards today!
- If you are an existing player, you can create a new Season 3 Hero in the Acropolis
- The Black Commissary (Borgen) is now permanently in the Acropolis (not just weekends)
- There's a new version of the iOS app now for Titan Conquest
- The new iOS app has real iOS In-app-Purchases (IAPs) that you can access from the Acropolis
- It should also run faster and has some other bug fixes
- Cloud has an improved Event Manager tool that should allow for better Events in the near future. Development on this is still in progress so that he can create new Event Gear and Bikes
- Chat messages can be flagged (the little red flags) so that staff can review and take action
- Players can block other players now by going to their Profile and click 'Block' near the top. This will prevent the blocked player from communicating with you.
- Players can completely delete their account now by going to My Settings, very bottom. Only do this if you no longer want to play Titan Conquest.
- Cloud put together an event for Mother's Day that starts tonight!
- The Event Shop will be open during the event
- Earn 'Momdallions' from getting kills to unlock nice rewards!
- Extra 10% drachma and XP during event
- Event will run through Tuesday evening
- We ended up going an extra day! Hope you enjoyed the event and all the bonuses
- Had a very large turnout for the event! Cloud is already at work planning the next thing so stay tuned!
- The Event Shop is up for another day or so if you have things left to buy
100k EVENT - Now through March 13th:
Welcome to the 100k event created to celebrate every single one of you. In addition to a new Titan for everyone to smash with a slight twist, we also have around 100 rewards to offer for the amount of clicks performed during the event period. There are also two new gear pieces with hidden abilities that will not be disclosed unless the players get stumped, so you'll have the pleasure of figuring out exactly how they'll help you with your future clicking. Finally, there will of course be bonus xp/gxp and drachma offered over the course of the event. We hope you enjoy yourselves and the event!

+20% Battle XP, Drachma and Gear XP
Increased Shop Discounts
Event Shop is on with tons of stuff!
Hydra is at Gold's Watch: each attack gets you an Energy Pulse for the Event Shop
- Cloud and I are setting up the 100k event with full details coming very soon!
- Cloud has been promoted to Admin and will be assisting me a lot more all around the game
- You can once again Support the Game and buy Ancient Coins
- The server has been upgrade to be even faster
- Fixed a bug related to Clan Marks from the Event Shop
- If you got Clan Marks from the last event, they should show up correctly now



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