Game Updates
Vanguard Quartermaster Tydeus is looking for some gallant heroes to tidy his trade routes. Bring him enough heads and you'll secure a thanks - and some good loot to boot. Live until September 25, 11:59:59 pm CST. Also included is a 15% exp/dra/lp boost with a 10% gxp boost.
Until the 11th September, 2022. Do bounties to earn rewards, and take the chance to grind for the new bike. Additionally enjoy a 10% bonus in xp/gxp/lp/drachma
Event: Kill Titans to earn rewards toward the event shop, so dont miss your chance to get the new special weapon. Its just a small grind away! --Small changes made to Borgen/VGQM stock. --Bi Weekly events will now occur.
- We have moved to Season 3 Leaderboards today!
- If you are an existing player, you can create a new Season 3 Hero in the Acropolis
- The Black Commissary (Borgen) is now permanently in the Acropolis (not just weekends)
- There's a new version of the iOS app now for Titan Conquest
- The new iOS app has real iOS In-app-Purchases (IAPs) that you can access from the Acropolis
- It should also run faster and has some other bug fixes
- Cloud has an improved Event Manager tool that should allow for better Events in the near future. Development on this is still in progress so that he can create new Event Gear and Bikes
- Chat messages can be flagged (the little red flags) so that staff can review and take action
- Players can block other players now by going to their Profile and click 'Block' near the top. This will prevent the blocked player from communicating with you.
- Players can completely delete their account now by going to My Settings, very bottom. Only do this if you no longer want to play Titan Conquest.
- Cloud put together an event for Mother's Day that starts tonight!
- The Event Shop will be open during the event
- Earn 'Momdallions' from getting kills to unlock nice rewards!
- Extra 10% drachma and XP during event
- Event will run through Tuesday evening
- We ended up going an extra day! Hope you enjoyed the event and all the bonuses
- Had a very large turnout for the event! Cloud is already at work planning the next thing so stay tuned!
- The Event Shop is up for another day or so if you have things left to buy
100k EVENT - Now through March 13th:
Welcome to the 100k event created to celebrate every single one of you. In addition to a new Titan for everyone to smash with a slight twist, we also have around 100 rewards to offer for the amount of clicks performed during the event period. There are also two new gear pieces with hidden abilities that will not be disclosed unless the players get stumped, so you'll have the pleasure of figuring out exactly how they'll help you with your future clicking. Finally, there will of course be bonus xp/gxp and drachma offered over the course of the event. We hope you enjoy yourselves and the event!

+20% Battle XP, Drachma and Gear XP
Increased Shop Discounts
Event Shop is on with tons of stuff!
Hydra is at Gold's Watch: each attack gets you an Energy Pulse for the Event Shop
- Cloud and I are setting up the 100k event with full details coming very soon!
- Cloud has been promoted to Admin and will be assisting me a lot more all around the game
- You can once again Support the Game and buy Ancient Coins
- The server has been upgrade to be even faster
- Fixed a bug related to Clan Marks from the Event Shop
- If you got Clan Marks from the last event, they should show up correctly now
- New Leaderboards for Most War Mech Pulses and Most Randal Pulses
- Good Story Endings completed added to Hero Profiles
- New Achievement for getting 50 Good Story Endings
- New Achievement for catching all 6 Sacred Companions
- New Achievement for completing 30 days of daily tasks
- New Triumph for getting 5000 Avenged
- New Triumph for having at least 10 Level 99 Heroes
- New Triumph for completing 365 days of daily tasks (non-consecutive)
The event was a success! I think everybody had a good time. We had 2,162 players participate. Rewards have been given out! Also, the event gear is capped at 200. Borgen will stay at the Acropolis over the weekend as normal, but sale chances will remain up to 75% so that winners can spend their AC if they'd like. I'll set vendors back to normal Sunday evening. Hope you all enjoyed it!

5000 AC winners:
Revan17, Dontrumper, Doobs, AshuraPL, redsky17

2500 AC winners:

1000 AC winners:
jiversen,Jsthakeem,FunkxReason84,Smolder,Vallhallan,ReverseAnimeCatgirl,Thund3rg0dc,Utreokhhh,MrPoopybutthole,blastxcloud,Jaksyn,DerpChaos,Antpin13,Coates,Tibao,Phoebe,Sorowin,Ratatouille,Hakaan,The Gibbster,Smiles629,Chef,redsky17,Ratatouille,0lime

1 Billion Drachma winners:
Shadoof, Chadmare, Rechiter, RageDragon54, Marbo Dreadnought, Nagihiko357, Killermaster20, C123, arcanjo1988, MrPoopybutthole, KORONE, Terrible, Kachina, BoxMacLeod, Sockhorse, Akuma no Tsubasa, Alvonia, FunkxReason84, Fog, DannyMeercat, The Ac41, Krsta, ADirtySock, EskiZ, Padex, Eiivix, Gloindal, Diabsoule, Mandalorian, crul2bkind, AMFgaming, Xtendo, Zuleikaa, Prirus, Amuvia, atpx8, GolwynAmbrose, Kamero, redsky17, Jaksyn, JustSomeDood13, Complexity, Clipperton, Jakisbaran, StealyBoi, ASKY, FreeLogin, SpeedForce, Reddnn, TacoTree, Sneboshark, NachoShip, Cogo, Eyedrop, Satan-Rat, AzraelM, Faizye, Fobunga, jiversen, Terub, Zzck, NA7E, Eren Jager, Enyax, GodOfHell, Chef, R84, Tipp, Zurs, KalonDakari, Mjh, Ob1kenobi, Dchad, Lord dio, Fierydragoon, dyme7708, aotanuki, Alzeraz, Takumi Fujiwara, Draktharm, Abyssalix, wupii, 100xp, Nooook, DeepBluey, Vasilis, Dkiller790, TheyCallMe, Forgotten, Snebbers, FreeHouse, DeenGrildo, OPAQUE, Velle, Scythe216, BillyHellish, Im Syfi, Amun-Ra, SheepdogSC, Kaen, Mrs Sarah, Bruceee, Joez, Evogen, HarpieSpore614, harolf, Jack6174, Kaliale, Lilly, Littleweeg, 0lime, Plormbus, Weshaven, Tybalain, Serraf, currentfever490, Natertots, AncientsFury,Zark, Fishex, Ckeds, Willitrix, xLoneWolf70x, Kitty, Ratatouille, ErickTGW, Facko, Axreos, refleman97, Bob55, RichardStrong69, Cuiross, Imwcrusher, Kaladyn, Malious, PhoenixXD, klant1014, Jaystar, Bumbly, Symbolss, ELTGRAY, Mustangman, Astralasura, Phoebe, Diabetes, Oddloop, Visneer, Whitfoot, Wazaldorf, Nazare, Hayzo81, Khiilbits, Dlion99, RaineTheGlutton, Pokemon90, Anematir, Vanos, DevveD, Smolder, Kashima, Simca, Crust, Yung Tiddy, DoomGuy, Valardohaeris, Andre Timon, WEEBLOVER, grayroot, Janbo, Trinity, wsey54, ComfortablyYou, Braidrass, ofor4, Kusari34, Dnarris, Gtain, Revan17, MaskedDisciple, NotBura, kthankscya, klaw, Arleen, VincentOPB, grreei, Scitles, Davidtroy1, Labeoufff, Scoody, tslice, mombil, introvert, Jeger, Ryder14, GRAY, KaTop, titanbubble, blastxcloud, Gui, ratsnation, boots, Septive, Cloud, Shota Tanuki, themanh, Zer0Skill247, Kas4mi, Kronos1307, The6106, staplezorz, Secretwhistle, VojtasMethodVictim, Tyce1234, OsKaDo, Niele, PhantomRain, dunkel the, Oraclesam, OracleOfRats, Dragoonz, CatsAndIT, Ner, BCShad0w, Nithoggr, jesse90109, Biscuitious, DerpChaos, DarkMagela03, CasualBreloom, sixmike,Utreokss, The Gibbster, Moik914, Akiael, GandalfTheWhite, BulgarBeast, Abigfatcake, Dontrumper, wkd, Babylzebub, Shred, Aldegar, RatMiner, AxelBlack, Anorak, Dewthedew6, Elmaleh, Clamori, HFILheim,DJCJ14, Snebgeta, NatsNeko, SoupFork, penguingod01, gmork, Valrona, Antisocial, Utreok, Le Mighty, Wudi, AshuraPL, ShuNa, Bhelogan, ValarMorghulis, Khimaira, Eeffeezz, Treeckip, Gunjiman, Immunity, khakicoronet, Shiba Inu, Vallhallan, dragospawn, Pensive, Zaint Saiya, Bobith, Bill Cipher, Rahmat
UNLIMITED POWER gear now based on TOTAL owners of each piece since they were all staying < 300.
Now, they are truly powerful!
Expect a cap after event ;)

Update: 4:50pm server time - too much power! Had to bring it back down some, but still far more powerful than they were. Sorry to ruin the fun!

Event Dates: July 16 - 22 (7 days!)

The Event Shop will be open during event! Acquire 'Sparks' from Battle to unlock stuff in Event Shop. There's quite a few rewards including:

Work to acquire Sparks to unlock Special gear that starts at 1 in all stats and increases as more Heroes acquire the gear. Each gear piece is called UNLIMITED POWER and is the Event Gear Set. There are 8 pieces of this gear, but they take more and more sparks to unlock. It will be interesting to see how powerful the gear gets! *

750 Billion Drachma given out -> up to 750 players win 1 billion Drachma each
Must have 7575 battles in any single day for chance to win!

75,000 Ancient Coins given out!
5 winners get 5000
10 winners get 2500
25 winners get 1000
To have a chance to win AC, just get 750 battles in any single day during the event

Up to 75% off - highest sales ever! Borgen will be available during the entire event and a few days after with the increased sale chances so that winners can use their AC.

20% more XP/Drachma/Gear XP
I was going to just do +7.5% but that's lame, so let's do 20% more!

* Post Event: We will have to see how powerful the gear is and possibly cap it after the event to keep it from being extremely OP. You will keep the gear either way.
Last weekend was a 4th of July mini-event and we had 1,186 heroes participate! There were 7,968,929 total battles also. Here are the winners from the event. Rewards will go out to them today.

Top 5 battlers
Khiilbits 363,151
Kaen 361,095
KingOfRats 278,097
Shota Tanuki 276,168
Niele 270,664

Linus sight winners
Serraf, Legacy34, dyme7708

Shadow of Ares winners
ofor4, UnderMiner, GoldenOx

1000 AC winners
Jaystar, Ray998, Hendricksen, Destroex

I hope you enjoyed it!
- Now through 7/5 (End of day Monday) enjoy 20% more XP/Drachma from battle and 20% more Gear XP from battle!
- Also, top 5 players with the most battles during this event will each win 2500 AC!
- Any player that gets at least 1000 battles on any single day of the event will be entered into a drawing for the following:
---> Linus Sight (3 winners)
---> Shadow of Ares (3 winners)
---> 1000 AC (4 winners)

- Also, get 1000 battles any single day and you will get 'Event Colors' item which will unlock Special Color #6 in Settings. Red/White/Blue!
P.S. This is NOT the 75k Event, which is being planned and will be much bigger!
- In Settings look for these new settings
- 'Show Online Status' set to OFF will hide your online presence (except to Vanguard)
- 'Show Registration Alerts' set to OFF will hide the alerts in chat when new players join
- Finally, you can set your country flag at the bottom of Settings and it will show on your Profile at the top-right.
Hey all! The other day I posted something about some recent events and it came off a tad defensive, and partially misunderstood by many. So I have since deleted the statement and have had the weekend to get my thoughts in order.

First, some history. I had this grand idea to build out a system here called 'Settlements'. So back in late February / early March I started building it and made a lot of progress. I had it running in the game and did some private testing. The system was pretty cool, but the rewards it produced didn't scale very well from a new player up to high level players. I also didn't like how it fit with the overall flow of the game nor did I feel like it worked with the Drachma/AC economy. I just didn't feel good about it.

So I spent another couple weeks thinking about what I could do with this concept and landed on turning it into a Farm game (I've always loved farm games so I was excited to try my hand at one). I did fear that many folk here would revolt on me for making another game, but at the same time I had spent nearly 2 months on a game concept that I enjoyed making and didn't want to totally trash. It had been a really good creative outlet for me.

Fast forward a bit to today and I have another game out called 'Farm RPG'. A number of you are playing both games, and some are only playing one or the other. The kicker is that updates to Titan Conquest did in fact slow down tremendously due to Farm RPG. The big part of that is that Farm RPG pretty much exploded in growth in the 4 weeks it has been online, so the activity and feedback has held my attention and focus. I had a plan for the game and what I want to do with it long term and I have been working to that plan.

Here's where everything has gone south. A number of people (still a vocal minority) are quite upset at me for moving my attention to a different game than Titan Conquest. This has caused a stir and has led to a lot of misinformation and things like 'I don't care about TC' anymore or 'I've quit working on TC forever', etc. Neither is true. I'm one person and I make these games as a hobby and I love what we have here and I love what is happening over on Farm RPG too. I do my best work when I focus and follow a plan. The plan for TC became blurry when my settlements idea didn't work out. However, I have poured out over 2 years of updates into TC and it has flourished. That doesn't mean I have stopped working on TC forever. The part that I have messed up on is communication of all of this.

TC is very stable, running on a brand new server of its own and maintains 100+ new players per day. It is very much alive and healthy with a great staff that care about the game tremendously. What I would like to do is take guidance from the VG on what I can do to help them run the game and keep it going while I divert my development attention to Farm RPG. Then when Farm RPG is where I think it needs to be I can work on TC development again. I really care about both games and communities and ultimately I believe fully that each game helps the other. If Farm RPG blows up to 100k players, many of those would probably enjoy Titan Conquest, etc.

Through all of this, a bunch of people have messaged me with kindness and support because they know I love this game and they know I'm not looking to stop working on it or see it end. If you are one of those people, thank you so much for the support.

Finally, if you are interested in trying something new, take a look at Farm RPG. It is getting better weekly (and even has a dark mode now). Play both! You can totally farm while you grind here :)
First of all, I'm sorry I didn't get the monthly rewards for daily tasks up for June until now. I got sick last week and then went out of town on a family trip and just got back today. To make up for it, I've got them up now and the AC rewards for June have been doubled!

Get 20% more XP and Drachma in battle now through Sunday Evening!

Now that I'm back I'm going to tweak 3 of the sacred companions skill powers and get staff to test once more. Hopefully it will be open to all Subscribers this week to really play-test. If you are a subscriber I'll let you know via an email when its all ready to go.
- Winter and Valentines Day Event Gear is now available at the Vanguard Quartermaster if you missed getting them during the Events.
- The Red Commissary (Vitrius) now sells different gear each day. The gear is Max INF Scholar Set Gear and AC prices have been adjusted slightly cheaper as well.
- Fixed a bug related to travelling to same location as other Clan Members
- The Test game is back online for subscribers! It works just as it always has in that it is connected to the live game database so that your progress is shared.
- On the Test game, the Ancient Vault is back! It has been reworked in a few ways.
- The Vault UI has been changed to be easier to make attempts to open it.
- For the Ancient Vault, you are given 100 attempts per day now. Once the vault is open, it will reset instantly and you can continue if you have attempts left.
- Fixed the bug with the Acropolis Zoo Emblems not working
- Other small bug fixes

- Since Test is back online for Subscribers, I'll be working on the Sacred Companion Patrol effects. I'm not sure when this will be ready to test, but soon hopefully. You will have to level each pet to 10, 20, 30, etc to unlock new skills. More on that soon!
I've started optimizing all images used in the game. The first batch is up and includes all enemy art and icons used in battle. They look the same but are over 50% smaller in size, which should reduce lag and data usage. More to come!

'The Acropolis Zoo' is now available. This is one of the winning stories from the Story Contest we had recently. Take a look!
- Clan Trophies: we are starting out with a set of new trophies for Clan Control. Other Clan trophies will be added for future Clan events
- Clan Control will now run monthly on a schedule for 3 days at a time.
- Every month on the 6th, 7th and 8th clans can participate in Clan Control.
- Since this is monthly now, rewards have been adjusted:
   1st place Clan Members each get 1000 AC
   2nd place Clan Members each get 750 AC
   3rd place Clan Members each get 500 AC
   Clans with at least 5 controlled -> Members each get 250 AC
   Clans with at least 1 controlled -> Members each get 100 AC
   The AC rewards stack (so 1st place would get 1350 AC, etc

We are going to try some changes to CC this time.
- It will take 750 kills to control a zone. Once your clan controls a zone, you keep the zone until other clans chip away your kills in the zone.
- Its a bit hard to explain, but imagine clan A and B fighting for the same zone. 750 kills needed, so clan A gets it first and then goes somewhere else. Clan B has to get 750 kills from clan A and then the zone goes back to neutral. Clan B would pick back up with the kill count they had before Clan A took the zone. Confused?
- Ok so this change should reduce some stacking and shift focus away from just attacks to more of a balance between attack/defense of a zone.

- Working on setting up the new stories with ending rewards
- Still planning to auto-kick Hammy daily at least once

- The existing referral system is off now due to a lot of abuse in recent months. A new system will be developed in the future.
Due to some unexpected issues with the polling for the results, we are going to award everybody who made a story for the contest 1000 AC. If you made the 'final poll' you will get 2500 AC and the top 3 (selected by myself & VG) will get 5000 AC. Thank you to everybody who participated and I'm very sorry this has taken so long and been such a mess.

Winning Stories:
A Very Typical Weekend of a Hero by Zzck
The Acropolis Zoo by Bhelogan
A Story About A Story About A by Shred
- Ok, so the biggest feedback lately is basically that I'm not doing a very good job updating about what is happening here on Titan Conquest. A lot of people are disappointed in recent updates or lack of updates. The announcement of Farm RPG has some people upset as well.
- I'm changing up how I share what I'm doing here to help smooth things out with everybody. In the last month I've been working on Farm RPG (which was TC Settlements) in hopes of getting it to the point where it can launch and run for a while. In parallel, I bought a new server for Titan Conquest, moved the game over to it, fixed some lag issues and did some other behind the scenes stuff too. None of that is fun updates, but still took me dozens of hours to complete.
- The progress bars on features are no more, because they didn't fill fast enough for a lot of people. It doesn't mean that big updates aren't coming, but it means that they will just happen vs you seeing a progress bar fill up. I have to spend my time NOT working for the game, but working ON the game.
- The new format is below:

- Fixed a bug with gifting of AC from player to player
- Added a button at the bottom of Updates to view all past updates

- I need to wrap up the story contest stuff, get everybody that participated their rewards and get the best stories integrated into Titan Conquest.
- I need to setup the test game again for Subscribers.
- I want to have hammy auto-kicked every 8 hours or so because it helps a lot.
About a month ago I posted that I wasn't happy with the settlements system I had written for Titan Conquest. It was a cool concept, but it didn't 'fit' with the existing game we have here. I scrapped it and then it dawned on me that it would work if it was it's own thing, so I have done exactly that. I have a brand new game launching officially in early May, but you can play it now!

What is Farm RPG?
Farm RPG is a simple, mobile-friendly, text-based farming RPG game where you start a farm, fish, craft and explore the world of the game. It plays and works very differently than Titan Conquest. It is is designed to be more of a relaxing game where you can play as much as you would like, but there's no rush. Just do what you feel like in the game.

PC people, you can play at, but please note that the game is actually setup for mobile and probably plays better on your phone.
Android people, you can get the app here
iOS people, you can get the app here

- There has been some concerns on the voting in the poll for the story contest, because there are way more votes for some of the entries than the number of times the story has been played on Quest Writer.
- So, I'm going to do the poll again on itself so that you have to sign up there, play the stories and then vote appropriately.
- Voting will start today and go through 4/30

AP ZONE XP CHANGE: - Starting now each zone you get to higher and higher in Astral Plane grants more regular XP gains
- Zone 1: 5% and then +%5 each zone up maxing out at 40% at the top (Soul Awaken)
The poll is up finally! Voting runs through 4/25. Vote for your favorite, but the top 3 will be the winners of the contest and added as part of Titan Conquest. Hopefully I will get to post the winners just after voting ends and add them to the game that week.
- Changed the Patrol logic tonight to try to fix an issue with lag.
- Changed the Battle logic tonight to try to fix an issue with lag.
- IMPORTANT: Please go Home and click the refresh icon in the top-right to fully reload the game.

I am very sorry I am behind on reviewing the stories submitted for the March content. The server issues have been top priority. However, this week I will review and get the poll up with the finalists and hopefully get the winners selected by the end of the month. Thank you for understanding.
This morning, the game moved over to a brand new fully dedicated server. We did some load testing and all seems ok so far! I'm really happy that I was able to move the game over and the transition went pretty smoothly. To celebrate, enjoy the following all weekend:
- Get 25% more XP and Drachma in battle
- Get 25% more Gear XP in battle
- Borgen will remain 25% off every hour all weekend
- Mega Hammy will appear every few hours

- Under 'My Gear' you can 'Call' any of your Sacred Companions to follow you now.
- Once you have selected your Companion, in battle they will earn XP in a nearly identical fashion to Gear XP.
- Companion levels are shown on My Gear and Hero Profiles.
- So far, they still don't offer any perks or use, but they will in the next update. After they reach a certain level they will have actions you can call in Patrol that affect enemies in the zone, outside of battle. Stay tuned.
This week has been exceptionally bad for lag and downtime, and for that I want to apologize. In an effort remedy this, I have purchased a brand new server hamster to move the game over to. The game currently shares space with some of my other projects, so having an entirely dedicated hammy will be a good thing. The move should be pretty seamless with only a short downtime window to move the database. Stay tuned.
I made a lot of progress on a system I am calling settlements. Unfortunately, after a lot of thought I've decided to put it on hold. Basically, I'm not happy with how it works and find it quite boring. The idea of it could be implemented down the road, but for now I'm going to switch my focus to working on Sacred Companions and Skill Trees.

- Cost to get more bounties reduced to 10 AC
- Fixed an odd bug where a gear piece could get 'stuck' after dismantling
- Settings fixes for Discord, Steam, XBL, etc fields not clearing out correctly on save.
- Settings cleaned up to remove 2 unused settings and some new descriptions added.
After careful consideration and thought, I've decided to rebrand Titan Conquest back to Destiny RPG. Destiny 1 was cool and stuff, so it makes sense that we should be called that again. There's Randal the Vandal anyways and the rest of the greek stuff you won't even notice. Just assume you are playing Destiny again. Yep.

All of the code from the test game has moved to live game. The test game is off for now to allow me to regroup to continue updates. I had them kind of far out of synch for quite a while. So, if you find anything funky on the live game please let me know.
- Enjoy +15% more XP/Drachma from Titans
- Enjoy +10% more Gear XP from battles
- Ends 3/31

New Bobblehead added: Kari
Unlock her from the Core Titan the same way you get Gary, but you must be dazed. Also, Kari gives all of your heroes +25% perks, but also includes an additional boost to Max Cores (basically she raises the maximums by +249).

After the 50k event, I said I would get the Event Titans to run on a schedule. As of today, this has been setup so that players that play both day & night and throughout the week have chances to get to participate. The times below are server time (hammy time). Here is the schedule:

Super Titan: Wednesdays every week at 9AM and 9PM
Godly Titan: Mondays every week at 1AM and 1PM
Super Hammy: Fridays every week at 3AM and 3PM
Core Titan: The 1st and 15th of every month at 5AM and 5PM

This schedule is subject to change, but it's a first try at getting them at days and times that make sense.

Most battles (each win 5k AC):
sNx 528,623
Moment 475,591
DragonWarrior7813 442,802
HarpieSpore614 427,986
Zzck 409,374

5 Random winners for getting 1000 battles (each win 5k AC):
Kiriana, Ordre du Neant, Mrs Sarah, Mikotos, Okada
New Bobblehead added: Terry
Unlock him from the Godly Titan the same way you get Barry, but you must be blind instead of poisoned and you must have DR50 minimum. Also, Terry gives all of your heroes +20% perks, but also includes an additional boost to decodes (basically he raises the maximums by +5).

CHANGE TO The Omega Syndicate and The Kronos Labyrinth
Due to a lot of feedback, I have decided to change the gear rewards on this story. The 2 weapons you can get are now less powerful versions of their counterparts sold by Borgen. They are still very strong, and great for the effort, but they are not as powerful as the original versions. If you got the original versions of these weapons from the story, you will keep them.
*** 50k EVENT - FROM 3/12 through 3/16 ***
So yesterday, we broke 50,000 registered players! To celebrate, here's what you can expect for the next 5 days:
- Get 50% more XP & Drachma from battle!
- Get 50% more Gear XP from battle! (not transposition)
- Vendor sales will happen hourly, from 10% to up to 50% off!
- Event Titans will spawn every 3 hours
- Increased Item Drops (basically all players have auto-item-magnet bike on but it doesn't stack with Item Magnet, sorry)
- And finally, we are giving out 50,000 AC to 10 lucky players:
--> Top 5 players with the most battles over the next 5 days will get 5k AC each
--> Any player that gets 1000 battles in a day has a chance to win 5K AC (5 winners)

- You can now update your loadout with whatever gear you have equipped.
- A new story has been added on Mount Olympus, and it is a doozy!
- 'The Omega Syndicate and The Kronos Labyrinth' -> requires 100 shards of Zeus to play, but this is your chance to earn some great gear (Golden Bow + Paleus Strike) and some rare emblems.
- Special thanks to Bhelogan for his effort on this story, nearly a year in the making! Get ready for a real challenge.
- To sweeten the deal some, the first 5 players to complete all 8 good endings will get 4,000 Ancient Coins! Just message me once you have done this so that I can confirm.

aldegar, Null, SpeedForce, 0lime, Zzck
- Poison Pill Pack available in the Mat/Booster Shop
The Acropolis will stay in blizzard through Friday (3/5). After that snowball drops will be turned off and will be hidden in the game until next winter. The Winter Emporium will also be leaving after 3/5.

- Change Weapon/Armor -> New bulk dismantle by gear set at the top. This is a subscriber only feature.
- Settings -> Swap Heavy and Primary added. You can have your heavy weapon be in your first slot in battle. Primary then moves to where Heavy is normally. This only affects the UI and not the speed of the attacks. Dazed works the same, but blocks out the use of your primary when you are dazed. This is a subscriber only feature.

- the star/bolt icons in chat have a few new variations now: Gold Star is Level 99, Red Star is DR99, Gold Bolt is God Tier, Red Bolt is GT+DR99
- Trying a new Explore icon when you change location to show you that there are stories you can play at that location.
- March Rewards for Daily Tasks are up. Nice emblems you can unlock!
- The changes in Gear XP that were just on Test are now Live to all
- New bike at Borgen: XP Inverter - Up to 2000% XP Perk as HP drops
- New bike at Borgen: LP Inverter - Up to 2000% LP Perk as HP drops
- All Inverter bikes have been permanently reduced in price
- Poison Pill Booster added - Keeps you poisoned for 500 attacks
This happens at the time the XP is added to the gear, so it won't be visible in Battle Details, etc, but know that you are getting 20% more actually. Enjoy! Note: The extra 20% does happen on transposition also.

- Gear XP distribution from Onyx gear pieces has been fixed.
- Gear XP is now visible if you go to Gear Infusion for a gear piece.
- A complete rework of Gear XP distribution is in place. The details will get documented into the wiki, but just know that gear xp gains are consistent now and not random.
- Also, happy to say that if you have a maxed piece of gear (level 99) the XP it would get is now distributed to the rest of your non-maxed gear.
Want a chance to win 5,000 Ancient Coins AND have your story quest brought into Titan Conquest? This is your chance! As you know, Titan Conquest has 'choose your own path' type stories built into the world that you can explore. I have a tool called that anybody can use to create their own multi-path multi-ending stories.

So, you have a little over a month to write a story on QW for a chance to win (3 winners). You can submit one and only one story (just put Contest in the title somewhere). The story needs to be high quality, with some thought put into it and must be related to the 'story' or world of Titan Conquest. The Vanguard and Staff will narrow it down to the top 7 stories and those finalists will then be in a public poll here to determine the top 3 winners. Deadline to have your story complete is March 31st.

Contest Frequently Asked Questions:
How long does the story have to be? If it is just a few pages it will be clear you didn't put any effort into it. If it is incredibly long nobody will ever finish it. So not too short and not too long.
How hard should it be? It can be incredibly easy if the content is quality. It can also be challenging, but not impossible. This is another case of quality being the more important factor.
Will what I write become official game lore? Yes, if you are a winner (3 winners total), your story will get implemented into the live game and be part of the official game lore.
Do I have to come up with the location for the story and ending rewards? You can, but this is not required. If you focus on a good story or a good puzzle/maze we can figure out where it fits best in the live game as well as rewards.
- The Vanguard have a new important message option they can use to get in touch with players.
- Fixed a bad index causing My Gear to load slowly. Should be noticeably faster now.
- Fixed cursor placement issue in chat on iOS if you mention a username.

- New option to Update a load out in My Gear. Just replaces whatever you are actively using to that loadout.
We have 3 new members joining the Vanguard to assist with keeping the peace. Very excited to announce that Cloud, Forcepath and Shred have all been promoted to the Vanguard. At this time we are not looking to add any more, but in the future the way into the Vanguard is to be a positive, helpful, active player that loves the game and you have a chance.

The story quest to get the Trapper Rifle is out (Huge thanks to Zurs for the awesome story/puzzle!). Level 40 required. Go look around the world for it. If you can complete it, you will get the Trapper Rifle. This is on live+test game. However, to start trying to trap the sacred companions, you must be on the test game (and a subscriber). Equip the trapper rifle and start hunting/trapping! The sacred companions spawn all over the game and will be highly targeted. When you get their HP low enough there is a chance the final blow will trap them instead of killing them. The chance is based on your card level for the sacred companion.

IMPORTANT: Right now you can only trap them and collect them on your hero profiles. Phase II of sacred companions is NOT ready yet. Phase II includes leveling your companions to unlock Patrol skills for each. No ETA yet on when Phase II will be finished, but subscribers will get to play with it all first.
- There is a new multi-hero bonus that works similarly to the Clan Member Bonus
- If you are in the same location as your other Heroes you will get a bonus to XP, Drachma and LP per hero, Example: You have 3 other heroes so your bonus would be +30% to the perks on your active Hero.
- My Profile > Other Heroes > now shows the current location of that hero
- SACRED COMPANIONS: There are 6 of these that will spawn all over the game. Right now on test game, you will need to get the Trapper Rifle in order to catch these. However, you cannot get this rifle yet. It is shown in the VQM, but will be obtainable from a Story Quest soon.

- Snowball drops fixed
- Previous Event Gear will now be for sale in the Vanguard Quartermaster shop after events are over.
- There is gear in there from Christmas and 4th of July Events now.
- Snowball shop is back as the Winter Emporium and has a few new event gear pieces you can unlock.
- Snowballs remain active for a while longer and will go away sometime in mid-March
- As of today, usernames must only have letters, numbers or spaces in them. If you have a funky username with special symbols or characters, please go to Settings and change your username. You have a week to change your name or we will have to force it back to something that isn't special characters.
- Now through Sunday night, you will get extra item drops (basically as if you have the Item Magnet bike). This is on for all players! Also, this does NOT stack with Item Magnet bike because it IS the item magnet bike active for all players. It WILL stack with Coin Detector though.
- Any Coins purchased to support the game (including new subscriptions) will get an extra 100 AC. Just message Firestream after to request your bonus AC.
- Get an extra 20% LP (Love Points) from battle
- There are 2 new stories to explore. Check 1) Earth and 2) Mars
- The rewards from these stories will be used in a future update.
75B Drachma Winners:
Gearhead, Beezyx, Teeb, Star explorer, JoyBoy, AxelBlack, sysy4d321, MardukPD, VanHHHeim, Djnyu, TitanSomething, Chickenjock, TheViper518, kooljam03, geoff63, RubberGoose, Acquavini99, Thrael, Wahoodza, Blood Soaker, Galactikus, Bumbly, Timrek, Victoriya Ravenholme, Karl Cross, Grumblemax, Paci, Dys, Limvo, DragonOfTheWest, LightDawn, Gresha, MardukPD, imoneoldfart, Lucien, DaysOfRed, Nether1, RedBarron1337, F u t a b a, Marcusta

There is a new story called 'Death's Door' available in The Underworld. This is a challenging story with some great rewards though, including a new rare helmet called the 'Helm of Darkness'.
- Hammius Bobblehead now unlockable, just need 100 turds
- Chat Turds is new. I didn't name this, the community did. I am not responsible.
- New option to give 25 AC added. Very encouraging to do this for new players.
- Spawns started getting funky, and I found out the dark arena is the problem. I fixed a slow query and redid how the dark heroes work. It should all be working much faster now.
- Android app 1.1 is out on Google Play. Just bug fixes, speed tweaks.
- Godly Titan is a new event type for stronger Heroes that can go to Mount Olympus
- Hammius Bobblehead added
- Hamster Turd graphic added
- Brand new Community Forums are live! Check the side menu under Leaderboards for the link. There are different sections for different things. Take a look and be a part of the discussion!
- 2 new achievements have been added related to posting a topic and reply in the new forum.
PIZZA PARTY TIME! Titan Conquest has passed 40,000 registered players! This is a very cool milestone, thanks to a strong surge in new players joining the game over the last 2 weeks. So, to celebrate, here is what we are going to do February 1 - 7:
  • Starting tonight (hopefully) or tomorrow AM Clan Control will be back on with a small adjustment. If your clan is the leading clan in a zone, other clans that attempt to control the zone will take away from your clan kill count as they gain kills. This will force stronger competition in zones that are already in control and keep a single clan from running away with a zone (in theory).
  • The Clan with the most controlled zones will be awarded 4,000 AC to each of its members. 2nd and 3rd place 2,000 AC. Any clan with at least 5 zones will get 500 AC to all members. Any clan with 1 zone will get 100 AC to all members.
  • I am going to hide throughout the game a total of 40,000 Ancient Coins (roughly $800 in value). There will be 40 chunks of 500 AC and 20 chunks of 1000 AC. This means 60 people will win either 500 or 1000 AC. To keep it balanced each player can only win one chunk and one chunk only. (I won't be done hiding it all until Monday evening most likely)
  • Finding the AC will require you to explore all aspects of the game. It could be found during a bounty, or as you explore an area, or even as you battle. Try everything you can think of. You will know you have found a chunk through a message sent to you automatically. All winners will be posted at the end of the week.
  • During this entire week, I'm adding 20% more XP and 20% more drachma to battles.
  • Expect more Super Titans, Titan Rushes, Air Drops and a Core Titan or two.
  • Vendor sales will be 15 - 40% off per hour
  • There could be more that pops up during the week if I get the time!
In addition: wsey54 is putting up over 3T drachma to give out 75 billion drachma to 40 lucky winners that don't have the ship to Mount Olympus! To qualify, you need 1000 battles any day during the event and you must not already have the Light Seeker ship AND you must be level 99. I will draw 40 winners at random soon after the event ends.
- The forums have a few new things. You can edit topics you post now (subject and body). Topic view counts are tracked now. New section for Game Feedback.
- The forums are basically done to launch, but need a bit of testing by subscribers first.
- If you saw the game act crazy today or lag a lot, it was due to some optimizations that were made to the database. Some of this is to attempt to speed the game up in a permanent way, and some of it is due to all of the new players joining.
- Trying something with God Tier Heroes: the core cap is lifted once again, but only while you are on the Astral Plane. You can grind endlessly here, but if you go to another non-AP zone the cap applies once again.
- Increased spawn rates on Astral Plane
- Top 3 God Tier Heroes get a little love in the Acropolis now. They are listed as the most powerful heroes in the game!
- Members of the Welcome Crew can edit wiki pages now.
- I'm sorry all, I've been swamped lately. Work has required me to be on site a lot more, and it keeps me from having much connection to the game in general. I just want to say that I'm still here, and I still intend to get a lot of new things out as soon as possible, but life is busy! Thanks for understanding.
- A brand new Community Forum is available for testing and feedback. It should be working, but this is why it is on test. Subscribers can access it now to play around with it.
- Basic forum functions are working. Topics, replies, etc. Topics can be locked by staff. Forum sections can be limited to Hero level, subscriber status and VG can have forum sections that only they can post topics in.
- Moment, Sinnamon BB, Im Syfi, Snebbers, staplezorz
DOUBLE XP & DRACHMA, Now through Dec 27th:
- Battles earn you 2x XP & Glimmer starting now through Sunday evening
- Any player that gets 1,000 battles in any day now through 12/27 has chance to win 4,000 Ancient Coins. I'll choose 5 winners on 12/28.
- Merry Christmas!
- First, I've been slammed lately, but about to have some time off so get ready for updates!
- Support the game and get 25% more AC for the rest of the month
- GT Heroes have a core cap of 4999 now, because the Heroes in GT were getting too OP. This is kind of a temporary thing until I spend some time on GT again and some other rebalancing. Thanks for understanding.
- Crazy Tapper Bike: XP Perk is now +400% and the price has been reduced (when Borgen sells tomorrow). Also the risk part of the bike has been removed. Existing owners see this change now.
- Santa's Workshop is in the Acropolis all month with some interesting rewards for your Snowball collecting efforts. There are 6 pieces of Event Gear and some other items available. More may be added to the shop as the month goes by.
- Also this month we have the 12 Days of Christmas as part of the Daily Tasks system. If you do your dailes, on the 14th - 25th you will unlock some nice rewards and a lot of Ancient Coins.
- UPDATE: AC lotto is back. 50/50 chance of AC or Snowballs (so no drachma lotto this month)
- Santa Claus is floating around the game as a Titan. You can battle him for the chance to get a bunch of Snowballs.
- Also, I'm probably going to add rewards to the top Snowball collectors this month in a later update.
- UPDATE: The postmaster will now deliver you a snowball every hour (so long as you are online playing).
- Go to Settings and turn on BG music for something special!
- Keep an eye out for other things that may occur this month!
Shadow of Ares Bike:
DystopianFiction, AbdulRahman, Visneer

2000 AC
Rely, Bhelogan, Sailenn, KyreAkhrua

UltraDeathGod, Missy, DystopianFiction, Rockit, HarpieSpore614
- New Hero Cards are available to be purchased if you customize your Hero
- AP core drops adjusted to be 2 cores when they drop
- Most Snowballs Leaderboard added
- 2 new bikes for sale at Borgen for +Evade% and +Crit%
- New Borgen bike called Drachma Inverter: Up to 2000% Drachma Perk as HP drops
- 6 Holiday Season backgrounds have been added for members that have that feature unlocked

- 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS -> Earn emblems, items and up to 1300 AC for completing the monthly rewards in December
- Start collecting Snowballs today to use in the December Event Shop (details soon)
- At least 4 event gear pieces will be obtainable in December
- Towards the end of the month, expect a large community based Drachma event
- Borgen is here early!
- Everybody gets 100 AC free in the Acropolis!
- Sales will run every hour and be between 20-40%
- new chat function: '/me does something', which will allow you to chat in 3rd person essentially
- a little bolt appears in chat by players that are in God Tier now
- Astral Plane Titan core drops adjusted to be random and rates adjusted too
- You can rename your Hero Shop now
- Hero's that are Leaderboard banned can no longer earn kills towards Clan Control
- Fixed some leaderboards that were showing banned Heros
- The Wiki will allow comments on certain pages now. There is a test page here Comments Page
- Clan Control is on this week! Tomorrow - Sunday 11/29 clans will fight it out to control areas around the game. Here are the rewards:
- Overall XP is 15% higher this week from battles
- Overall Drachma is 20% higher this week from battles
- Gear XP is 25% higher this week as well
- Also get 1000 battles in any day this week for the chance to win the following:
3 LUCKY PLAYERS WILL WIN: Shadow of Ares Bike
5 LUCKY PLAYERS WILL WIN: Permanent Subscription Status

Get ready for a very big December/Christmas Event....
- Starting this afternoon, Titans earn you 30% more Drachma AND XP!
- This will run through Sunday evening (11/15)
- Also, fragile is giving out a permanent subscription to a lucky player and I'm matching it with 2 more. So there are 3 chances to win a permanent subscription just by playing this weekend. Play 1,000 battles any day through Sunday for a chance to be 1 of the 3 winners.
Without further delay, congrats to these players on winning 2B drachma each: christoffer199, Clovenspark47, Mooish, NihilistOni, Xidzo, Bodin, Louje, Sandling, AlephBorges, pretzelday, Achillnasa, Taylorryver, Minblue2, SolGoodGuy, Zimm, Prymisy, Archdragonlord, TheMoonShaman, DystopianFiction, Telute

The drachma will appear in your account today. Thanks to Shred and SpeedForce for sponsoring the event! We are planning a much larger giveaway later this month with multiple players contributing. More details soon!
25% more Gear XP now through Sunday evening! Also, Shred and SpeedForce are giving out 40 billion drachma this weekend, 20 winners get 2 billion each. Just play 1000 battles any day (Thursday - Sunday) for a chance to win!. Game roadmap update posted: [LINK] and November daily rewards are live!
- A Core Titan is a possible event now. Works the same as a Super Titan, except you earn Core items instead of Red Memories.

- A new premium Hero card selection is available. Just go to Hero Customize and you can unlock new cards for AC.
- There are 12 cards you can unlock and select from currently
- The Ancient Vault will now appear in the Acropolis from time to time. If you can guess the PIN you could unlock a lot of AC all at once.
- Possible fix for God Tier Heroes Core Caps without having to Use All Items
Thursday is 'Log on and play day', where just by being here you can claim 100 AC in the Acropolis. During the day there will be a few Super Titans, a Super Hammy, an Air Drop and possibly a Titan Rush. The goal here is to gain back player activity before the Halloween Event planned on Saturday. Get your fingers ready!
- Completed a much overdue maintenance of the database. This should result in a faster game for a while.
- Chest spawns have been corrected and improved all over.
- All recent changes on the TEST GAME are now LIVE
- Supporters of the game that buy $100 Coins or higher have been able to gift a permanent subscription to another player for a while now. However, it was a manual thing that took getting in touch with Firestream to do so. Now, if you do this you can go directly to another player's profile and Gift Subscription to them (if they qualify). The button to do this will be near the very top of their profile.
- It alerts them of the subscription, but does not tell them it was from you. You can message them yourself afterwards if you would like.
- Note: a few of you did this support level last week and probably have a subscription you can give out. Please PM firestream if this is the case to have it added to your account to be gifted.
For October 31st, 2020, the staff have put together an October 2020 Mini Event!

- It is now possible to get into the God Tier (Endless Season) on the test game. The final path to this extremely difficult achievement is to get 8 pieces of Onyx Gear and face off with Kratos. You must defeat him with at least 100,000,000 dmg (subject to change).
- Originally I was only going to require 3 pieces, and this changed to a full set of 8 last week. However, with the way AP is setup now, you get extra gear XP % bonus on each new zone you reach, up to 80% more once you enter the final AP zone.
- God Tier has been an extremely lengthy thing to build that will only be reached by a very very small subset of players. I intend to work hard in the next few months to make a few things easier in this game, including getting to Mount Olympus and improving the Gear XP grind. There has been a lot of feedback in recent weeks leading up to some changes that will happen in the future to make it better once you reach level 99 to have a clear goal and post-MO as well.
- Everything built so far to get to GT will be tweaked and tuned as our high level players work their way to it. I have built a lot of this as guesswork until I get real feedback, but I'm extremely happy to have it 95% working so that the small group of you have this final goal as a reachable thing.
- Enemies in the Astral Plane no longer show player attacking count next to them

- Endless cores is possible, but the endless level system isn't fully setup still.
- GT Leaderboards are already setup, but might need bug fixes once players get to GT.
- There will be more things added for GT players to make it very obvious that they are GT. Special colors, emblems, profile stuff, etc will be added to really show it all off.

- NOTE: This is a list of future updates that should help the grind in some ways.
- Gear XP will distribute better to pieces that are not onyx already. So if you have a piece that is Onyx, if it was to get gear XP that would then go to a non-Onyx piece.
- AP zones will have material drops soon, which will help with Onyx Gear Infusions
- Gear XP Transposition with Drachma will be improved.
- Dual bikes should help in a lot of ways, and will be an unlock-able thing for level 99 Heroes at some point.
- Possibly a Clan Set that will help with Gear XP rates will be added
- More more more!

Code of Conduct REMINDER:
- I have added some new logs and more to detect cheating or play that is against out Code of Conduct.
- This is a reminder that all players are subject to the rules stated here and the VG will continued to enforce the rules.

- AP Zones now give Gear XP percentage bonuses based on the # of Onyx pieces you have. The first zone is 10%, 2nd is 20% etc. As you can move higher and higher in AP you will be able to level your gear faster.
- Reworked all enemies on AP to be 1 titan per zone with max spawn of 7. This lets you see chests again.
- Enemies on AP get harder each new zone now

- Zeus can spawn 2 instances now
- Attempted to correct the display of Gear XP post-battle
- Added Daily Task progress to Quick Actions. They still have to be claimed in the Acropolis
- Fixed iOS layout issues with Daily Tasks Calendar
- Astral Plane has more zones based on the number of Onyx gear pieces you have.
- Option added in Settings to set the Sub Respawn button to be above regular Respawn
- Total Gear XP earned once enemy is killed is now displayed in battle results. Keep in mind gear XP goes to gear pieces randomly right now.
- If you dismantle the white Kratos now, it will appear at the Vanguard Quartermaster after a minute or two. This is a common issue that happens to new players, but they can re-buy it now without having to wait for game maintenance.
- AP Titans attack reduce just a tad
- Added Monthly tab to the Daily Rewards Leaderboard
- Added a bar to show daily rewards unlock at Level 20 (for <20 players)
- Changed the Home/Chat buttons to be blue
- Fixed a messages bug and fixed the privacy link
- Smoothed out the Power over Time graphs on Hero profiles
- Battle images for Heroes and Enemies are smaller now. This should help with speed/bandwidth
Lhurzen, Maxiexzo, DarkManiak, Dillah win permanent subscription status!
Thanks to everybody that came out and played. We had 225 people qualify for the drawing.
Follow us on Twitter for a chance to win 500 AC today! Also tomorrow through Sunday night, 30% more XP/Drachma vs Titans AND 4 lucky players can win perma-Sub for playing at least 1000 battles any day. Thanks to Anastasia and Fragile for sponsoring the subscriptions!

- A new Bobblehead has been added: Barry the Super Titan
- All recent Test Game updates are now live!

- Wiki pages can use BBcode now, so they will get prettier soon all over.
- The 6th daily task is available for Subscribers now. It is not required to complete the day (just 5 needed) to count towards monthly rewards.
- Fixed a bug with Quick Actions when you have a lot of loadouts.
- Daily Rewards system has 3 new achievements. One for completing a daily task, the next for completing all tasks in the day and the third for claiming any monthly reward.
- The first Leaderboard for the Daily Rewards system is up, Days Completed
- Astral Plane Titans have MO drops now and 25% more XP/Drachma
- The Daily Rewards system now has Monthly Rewards based on the number of days you complete tasks on. So, each month there will be 3-5 monthly rewards with things like AC, emblems or items you can get. The idea is you can complete 5 days (anytime during the month) and potentially claim a monthly reward. Some months could have a reward for completing the daily tasks every day for the month with a big prize at the end.
- Borgen selling new bike: Model S which increases a perk randomly by +999% per battle

- New Daily Rewards system is up! Access from the Acropolis, and you must be level 20 to see it.
- Vitrius, the Red Commissary has arrived at the Acropolis to sell Red gear for AC. Players < 99 may find his gear on a weekly basis tempting.
- All changes from the Test Game are now live.
- Borgen will be selling the Ruiner bike starting Friday, which causes poison on your hero
- 5 Triumphs have been added
- Get 25% more Gear XP as you battle (through 9/9)
- By request, you can buy AC with google pay or apple pay

- Once you have a single Onyx piece, if you go to the Acropolis you will be given the Paralos. This ship allows you to get to the Astral Plane. There, the enemies are all Titans with at least the strength of Zeus or more. This will help greatly getting the rest of your gear to Onyx level.
Last weekend if you had 2000 battles or more in a day, you were entered for a chance to win permanent subscriber status. Here are the lucky winners: Hakaan, Poseidon, ScottSteel, Jackwam, Porch Dor
- There is a new story in the Acropolis
This morning I was attempting to fix a performance problem with the main items table. I thought I had fixed it, but ultimately the change caused the entire table to crash (3 million rows). The last few hours of game downtime have been to restore this table, but along the way a few players have likely lost a lot of items. The table was crashed, and when recovered and restored, some rows did not make it back in. There's a lot to this, but I'm sorry it happened.

If you were affected and feel like you lost a lot of items, please message me and I'll do what I can to make it right. Thank you for your patience and understanding. These things happen sometimes, and honestly it is very very rare for something like that to happen here.

$100 AC: Azeroth, Unl3a5h3r, SnowyPoutine
$50 AC: Portaldominates, dragospawn, wavydavy66, verziehenone, Catalyst48, Porch Dor, Yellowmelon
$25 AC: Joker, TwoHandedShanks, Deias Bray, Whalium, Froedo, Revive, PaniniRS, DjXD19, FifthAbrogator, ver, Mrs Sarah, grail1, Beskidte, XxOSADxX, Awoir
$10 AC: Yin, Shirow, Smolder, SIGYO, Al132658, thecookieboi, Dolfow, BitDragon, Vegeta, Kaneki, Trinity, Beeatch, Witcher, Muse, Renalas, OPAQUE, Jakisbaran, WalterOf1, Xichi, Trace Xiole, Boxcutter3005, Bonehead, JGx336, FunkyWizard, Dinkles Thy Divine
$5 AC: Kronos1307, Schuben, Branflake, Zhili, Urliq, Forcepath, Florentin, TheOneTrueHenzo, Shiamus, Yobaba, Merry T, boots, Klab, Reincor, ØŁíмë, TheSingular, Pheonixdown, CatsAndIT, Korde, TheTipsyDragon, Blurt In, Greyl, Dewthedew6, Frawpz, Weshaven, Xanatos89, Drowning, Luddy, CopperOtter, Nateman777, ahahahahahahahaaa, Le Roi Des Doux, brewhaha, Athar, Shred, Solariiar, Hellnikko, Themask, richboy5001, Sneakysand, wsey54, crazyzack07, mtoto, joergon, dashfire, mynameislol, Koarl, G00B3R, Titan, funkcatman

- Fixed issue with Onyx Gear Infusion not working
- Fixed a major speed issue with Hero profiles. This could help around the game in other ways too.
- Hephaestus Bobblehead is obtainable now. He is unlocked via Gear Levels and then gives a boost to Gear XP once unlocked.
I am tired of being kicked.
- Titan Conquest has partnered with MiniReview to give out a bunch of Ancient Coins! All you have to do is check this thread and leave a comment with your TC username. The giveaway runs until Tuesday 11th of August at 3pm CEST.
- Also, you can get 100 Ancient Coins if you download MiniReview and leave a rating for Titan Conquest in it! Just send a message to Firestream once you have done this.
- Finally, we need more reviews on Android for Titan Conquest, so leave an Android review and you can get Supporter Status here. Just message Firestream or a Welcome Crew member after you leave a review.
- Card counts exclude PvP players now
- Arena Enemies added as an overall Card type that can be unlocked
- Hero Shops will now only include player shops of active players
- New Leaderboard for Gear XP
- 8/3 through 8/9 Clan Control is on!
- Any clan that has at least 1 area controlled at the end, all members will get 100 Ancient Coins
- Any clan that has at least 5 areas controlled at the end, all members will get 500 Ancient Coins
- Top 3 clans with most areas controlled at the end, all members will get 1000 Ancient Coins
- Regular clan control rewards will still go out as well (Red Memories)

Hero Shops can now only be used by a 1st hero once they hit level 99. A 2nd new Hero by a player can use them also. This change is to keep the original grind and progression of the game intact, and still give the player a cool reason to use Hero Shops for their next Heroes.
- Everything that had been on test only is now live. This includes hourly stat tracking for subscribers, Auto-use Core setting for subscribers, split Remedy button, poison dmg for gear leveling, name change setting and some bug fixes.
- Awoir setup a new bike at Borgen for this weekend. It is pretty expensive because it is the new hotness. It is called the Crazy Tapper and will greatly assist in your gear leveling, but because Awoir is super evil and cannot be trusted, the bike also contains a very risky side effect if used for too long.
- Borgen has permanently lowered prices on a number of Bikes and Gear that have been available for some time.
Special Promotion: Tapper RPG
This is a silly game that I have recently updated. It is really just a way for me to teach myself a few new things, but also a way to give a number of you a way to buy Ancient Coins with Google Play credit. Here is the promotion:

1) Buy Tapper RPG
2) Leave a review for it (make it silly as well)
3) PM Firestream and you will get 500 Ancient Coins ($15 value)
4) Know that you are supporting the future of Titan Conquest
- A new hourly stat logging system has been setup! This will be a subscriber-only feature.
- You can get to your hourly stats from Patrol, or from My Hero. You can also reset your hourly stats anytime.
- You can see other players hourly stats if they are subscribers from their Hero pages.
- You can set your daily/hourly stats to hidden under My Settings
- Remedy button and Refresh button are now both visible in battle
- A Game Stats section has been added. You can see overall stats for Titan Conquest
- A new 'Auto-Use Cores' option is under My Settings for Subscribers
- I really need this option tested well! Make sure if you turn it on that when you get a core it actually is applied to your stats. Also, existing cores in your Inventory are NOT auto-used, so go use-all first.
- If you have 1000 of a core and auto-use is on, the core is consumed with no gain.

Use-All in My Inventory has not been changed. If you click that you will use every item you have except remedies. The Auto-Use Cores option is for battles, when a core drops it will get used automatically.
- Venus descriptions are now in the game from the reddit contest!

- You can change your username under My Settings now (once every 30 days)
- Hero Shops with more than 48 items are no longer visible.
- Poison Damage to a Hero now converts to Gear XP
- Hero Shops are now only accessible once you reach level 99 and for new Heroes after. The decision to make this change stems from bringing back the fun of the original grind of the game for new players. All gear progression can be ruined for a new player buying from Hero Shops. This does reduce the customer base for shops, but it is better for the game overall this way.
Top battlers (Win 4000 AC and lifetime subscription):
CosmicThunder90 514,560
cheze 491,730
Joog 453,953
Anastasia 453,823

4 lucky AC winners:
Rofljoey, Bung, BlazinAngelz, LopsidedJohnson

4 lucky Subscription winners:
Ner, KingVin, Azeroth, shaggybeastboy1

Just about 800 participated! 38 people had over 50k battles! We broke some daily records with over 3 million battles in a single day too.
- Slayer Godly Kratos fixed to not grow in attack with levels
- Fixes to chest spawn amounts
This event is also to celebrate hitting 25,000 registered players!

Active Perks:
- 20% more XP/Drachma per battle
- 30% more Drachma from Titans
- Increased AC drops
- Increased possible Vendor sales up to 30% off

Prizes for playing:
- 4 lucky players will get 4000 AC for playing at least 4000 battles any day of the event
- 4 lucky players will get a lifetime Subscription for playing at least 4000 battles any day of the event
- Top 4 players that play the most battles in total during the event win 4000 AC and lifetime subscription (if they don't already have it)
- Prizes drawn on July 7th!

Now for the cool part:
There will be a Special Event Vendor in the Acropolis during the event. This vendor will have special emblems and a special color that you can get just for playing a certain amount of battles(attacks) any day. Example: Play 100 battles and Special Emblem is unlocked. There are 7 of these, try to get them all!

Now for the really really cool part:
The Special Event Vendor will also have the first ever Event Gear Set - Primary Weapon - 'The Bottle Rocket'. You will have to play a lot of battles in a single day to unlock it. It is part of a new Event Gear Set, which is special in that it can be worn in combination with another Gear Set and you can still keep the Set bonus. Example: All Riot + 1 Event piece, still gives you the set bonus. The Bottle Rocket will be a Godly primary with very very low attack, like Godly Kratos, but with better perks and the added set bonus.

Get ready Heroes!
- Clan Message of the Day, allows clan leaders to set a message in Edit Clan that appears in the Acropolis to all clan members.
- More XP and Drachma info if you tap on them in the footer bar.
- Golden Bow at Borgen is a special that does 4x shield dmg (regular special does 2x)
- Bug fixes to Gear Transposition
- Achievement added for Gear Transpositioning
- Clan Alert filter added to Alerts list under My Profile

- Arena Tokens are now required to enter the Dark Area (moon)
- You earn these from completing bounties
- When you change location to the Dark Arena, it will charge you a token. If you die in the Dark Arena, you will have to spawn back at the Acropolis and use another token to get back in.
- Dark Heroes in the Arena will have higher drop rates of AC and Memories once this is live (in test you will not see this)
- Arena Battles, Kills, Deaths, Avenged and KD is tracked. Leaderboards are up for a few of these.
- As higher level Arena are added the rewards will continue to get better.
- You can now get more Bounties with 25 AC if you need
- Updated change location to have planet art and new indicator for public events
- Remedy Pack (50) is available in the Mat/Booster shop
- The Dark Arena is visible on the Moon. This is the Iron Arena, the lowest tier. Dark Hero PvP will take place here in a future update.
- Gear Transposition is available in the Acropolis. This lets you transpose XP from your hero to individual gear. Ideally, this is something level 99 heroes that have been here a while will use.
- New option in settings to turn off the email you get when you get a private message
- Updates to the Bobblehead Crawl to only include Titans that drop bobbleheads
- Oracle and Slayer Godly Kratos in VG now
- Borgen will be selling the Golden Bow this weekend!
- Bug fixes and tweaks

- Drachma Transposition to Gear XP is available now
- Gear Transposition Vendor is available. This allows you to transpose XP from your Hero to individual gear. The initial cost is 0 AC, but each subsequent transposition will cost an increasing amount until the following day. This is generally something only high power players will take advantage of.
- New Setting to turn off emails when people private message you
- Dark Heroes keep spawning at the Forgotten Ridge
- New location art when you change location
- Public Event indicator in the Acropolis and Change Location
- Bug fixes
- Gear leveling is live now!
- Quick Actions in Patrol is live now!
- Other bug fixes and tweaks
- My Gear > Loadouts now show you which loadout you are using currently
- New panel! In Patrol, look for Quick Actions to open up a new action panel. Right now, the main thing you can do from here is change your loadout. It will even close the panel for you.
- The new panel also show Gear Progress bars

Mini-Event Winners:
- 2000 AC: Neonlotis, HackEX, Basel ElGhaiaty
- 1000 AC: Hawxke, SlashTempus, Raeka, Honk, Ner, Feowin, Erockos
- 100 Reds: Darknight200513, Urliq, Zhili, BFunkAllstar, Ner, Farfetchedchild, Abn, Sai, Shred, Xel
- New Triumph for 100k Power
- 3 new bikes at Borgen for tomorrow
- A toggle has been added in the Acropolis to go between Test game and Live game (for subscribers)

- My Gear has Gear Level Progress Bars
- Onyx Gear infusions are 200
- New Achievement for leveling up a piece of gear
- Infusion page faster and will retain your scroll position when infusing
- Slight padding change game-wide
- Fixed a bug with Game %Progress
- Wiki link added to main menu

- A new Gear leveling system is in place. This is how you get Onyx gear. Once you get to level 99, a portion of the XP you earn from battle will go towards leveling your gear.
- On the Test Server, this is live. You can see your current gear levels under My Gear. When a Godly piece hits level 99 it converts to Onyx. Each level a piece of gear reaches adds to the Att/Def of that piece. All gear can be leveled, but only Godly can become Onyx.
- When a Godly piece becomes Onyx, that stat doubles to +198 for that piece (att or def). So a full set of Onyx will add +594 to attack and +990 to Hero defense. This also boosts your power.
- The level of attack/defense for Astral Plane is going to increase considerably as well as the new Final Boss (to be shared soon). All of this leads to God Tier.
- One more thing to note, at least 3 Onyx gear pieces will be required to enter the Astral Plane. This is NOT done yet.

- The plan now is 3 pieces of Onyx + ship to Mount Olympus are a minimum to get access to Astral Plane. It is possible Shards of Zeus still tie into this.
- Once on Astral Plane, final boss is multi-stage with different phases. This is in-work but details will be shared later on.
- Beat final boss and you ascend to God Tier... more to explain
Mini-Event through the end of Thursday Server time:
- 20% more XP/Drachma from battles, 50% more Drachma from Titans
- Play 1000 battles in a day for a chance to win prizes drawn on Friday. Playing 1000 battles multiple days counts as multiple entries into drawings.
- 3 winners: 2000 AC each
- 7 winners: 1000 AC each
- 10 winners: 100 Red Memories each
- More prizes may be added so get to clicking!
- New Show/Hide Toggle for Bounties added to the top of Patrol. It will remember your setting as you battle as well.
- 'Locked Chest 5' is available. It is on Mars > External Wastes
- Added a number of new tips and guides around the game to assist new players. It is very important to assist people in what to do first so that they understand the game and get to the grind!
- New Triumph added for obtaining 1000 Shards of Zeus.
- New Agora Regions renamed
- Bug fixed related to customize option still asking for AC for Subscribers
- Status Effects can now happen on more enemies and Titans across the higher level planets.
- Clan Tags can be linked with double parenthesis around the tag now.
- Potential fix in place for the Patrol Freeze-up glitch. Happens a lot on iOS devices. Will have to monitor to see if the fix actually resolves the issue.
- Some new item icons here and there.
- Game Progress % added to Profiles.
- Gear Loadouts have been added to the top of My Gear. Must be level 50 to unlock. Loadouts allow you to save the gear/bike you are using to a set name and quickly switch between gear.
- Clan Control is back on this week!
- Hard Mode icon added to Heroes on Leaderboards
- 5x pack of Defense / Attack boosters added to Mat/Booster shop
- Enrage Nullifier and LP Booster II can be sold now
- Fixed loading spinner when you Use All items
I'm changing how the Test Server works for future development. Before, it was a copy of the live game including the database. This was ok, but I spent a lot of my time just keeping things in sync and working to make sure subscribers could access it. These hours could have been better spent making actual improvements to the game.

So, the Test Server is now using the live game database, but has its own codebase. I will be able to push my local changes to test so that subs can try things and give feedback and still be able to make progress on their account. This helps everybody and saves me a lot of time in the process. Note: things that were on Test (Final Story, ZFF, etc) will be re-added to the game soon so that updates can continue.
- Winners of the Drachma mini-event are Zimmmer, Dantalian, Honk, MSPlayZ, KingVin, HellRaizer, Graves, XionSword, Basel elGhaiaty, and TripletotheStrike! Thanks to CosmicThunder90 for sponsoring this.
- Achievement Added for unlocking any Special Color in Settings
- Totals for Achievements, Triumphs and Bobbleheads added to the top of the list to help you track your progress
- Counts for each type of inventory moved to the front of the tab to make it easier to see on mobile devices
- Welcome Crew Status added: Be a welcoming member of the game and you could be added to the welcome crew. We will give this status to long-standing highly friendly and helping members of the community. Welcome Crew members can then grant supporter status on new players for leaving reviews and they get an icon on their profile and in chat.
- Increased Hero Shop max items to 48
- Hero Shops are now listed in random order
- Achievement Progress is now Game Progress and is based off of progress on Achievements, Triumphs and Bobbleheads. This is visible in the Acropolis at the top.
- Game Progress Leaderboard added
- Hades Bobblehead added
- Special Color #5 added, which now gives you a reason for the PE Pulse item
- New Triumph Added: Open 50k Chests
- New Triumph Added: Defeat Zeus Hard Mode - Defeat Zeus on Mount Olympus in Hard Mode while being Blind, Poisoned and Dazed
- New versions of some of the Borgen gear to have different Gear Sets
- New Godly helmet sold by Borgen called Linus Sight that also protects against blind status effect
- 10% AC sales tax added to Hero Shop purchases (paid by the seller)
- Hero Shops can have maximum of 10 pieces for sale now. If you have more, they remain but you cannot add anything new while being over 10 for sale.
- Power Week was last week and went very very well. The activity and turnout for the event was tremendous! With that said, and because so many heroes fought so hard to be the strongest, I'm adjusting the rewards for the Top 10 in both tiers.
- So now, The top 3 Power (level 99) will each get 5000 AC AND the Thunderbolt AND Paleus Strike. Heroes #6-10 will get 5000 AC and EITHER the Thunderbolt OR Paleus Strike. You will have to let me know which you want and it will go to your strongest Season 2 Hero on your profile.
- In the tier under level 99, Top 10 will each get Godly Kratos and 3000 AC to their strongest Season 2 Hero.
- Finally, everybody that participated will get 500 AC added to their regular season 2 account, no matter where you placed.
- This will take me a little while to get this all distributed!
POWER WEEK MAY 4 - 11 Read the full details here: Power Week
- Battle Status effects against your Hero are in the game now, but rolling out slowly.
- It is possible to get the following: Blind, Poison and Dazed
- Status effects stay with you for some amount of time, unless you use a Remedy item
- The Remedy item can be used in battle if you have them. A red heart will appear in the top-right if you are affected by status ailments and you have Remedies on hand.
- NOTE: When you get blind, poison or dazed, you actually get 25% more XP/Drachma per hit and the effect stacks. Get all 3 at once and you're looking at 75% bonus. Do that against an enraged enemy and it stacks even more. You get the idea.
- Ghost Cloak x5 added to the Mat/Booster Shop
- Fixed a bug when sending/replying to Messages
- Clan Title system is here. Must be Clan Rank 20 to use, but you can set custom titles for your clan members.
- Clan Titles can be made private as well if you Edit your clan. Useful for private coordination.
- Also added a 'XP Booster x5' to Mat/Booster shop to let you buy 5 of the reg XP boosters at once. This is a test of this concept and more will be added. Also useful because 5x will get sales and discounts applied.
- Test game is available to subscribers now. Currently it is a copy of the live game from this weekend. You use the same account on test that you have here.
- Lock on change weapon/armor no longer asks you to confirm.
- Clan Control resets tonight. The top 3 clans will be rewarded red memories based on the number of areas you are in control at the time of reset.
- Currently, 1st place: #Areas * 4 Red Memories
- Currently, 2nd place: #Areas * 3 Red Memories
- Currently, 3rd place: #Areas * 2 Red Memories
- We are going to do Clan Control again this week, but I'm not sure if it will be something that is always on/running. Expect a poll on this.
- Clan Controlled areas now have a stacked effect now. The first area you take control of gives you 20% boost in that area. Each additional area your clan controls adds 1% to the effect across all areas you control. Example: Clan A controls 5 areas. Their boost would be 24% (1st area is 20% + 4% from 4 other controlled areas). Max is 35%.
- Clan alerts go out now when Area Control changes
- Boosters in Patrol will appear with a red border when they start to get near running out
- New Background art for the Acropolis, as well as a new icon for the Kratos weapons
- Controlled Counts are now shown on Clan pages and profiles in the clan section
- You can click the count to get to a list of the areas the clan is in control of
- New Leaderboard: Controlled Areas By Clan
- Clan Shop once again has gear. The Godly Clan set has a lower price and now requires the ship to Mount Olympus
- This is a new system you will see around the game that pits clans against clans for the control of the areas on each planet.
- In Patrol, if you are in a clan, you will see the amount of kills needed to take control of an area. Once your clan controls the area, any member of the clan will get 20% more Drachma/XP in battle in that area.
- Only a single clan can control an area, and it can be lost to another clan if they get more kills in the area. Example: Clan A has 1001 kills so they control the area. Clan B comes in and gets 1002, so they take control, etc.
- On Sunday nights, each week, the control of all areas will reset.
- When you change location, or when you go to My Clan, you can see clan controlled areas in a blue color.
- This is a foundational update that will change over time.

- Clan Gear is not for sale for the time being until I decide what I'd like to do to fully balance it. If you own it you can use it, but expect changes to take place in regards to the Clan Set Gear.
- Clan Set Gear prices increased greatly. The gear is pretty powerful, and too easy to get a full set in, especially at Godly level.
- New feature for Subscribers: Hero Shops now have filters at the top for Rarity, Type and Set to make it easier to find that perfect piece!
- Supporters can now unlock Hero customization for 25 AC (down from 50)
- Clans can now set to be 'Open Join', meaning anybody can join the clan if there are open spots without having to request to join. To do this, be a Clan Leader and Edit the clan settings.
- Edit Clan Settings bug fixed where certain descriptions weren't saving correctly.
- New players now get a default green emblem to assist in mentions in chat
/r/TitanConquest Art Conquest Winners: The Vanguard have voted on all the entries. We had some funny entries and a good time looking at them all. Thanks to everybody that participated. Here are the winners:

1st Bhelogan - 5 votes
2nd 54an3 - 3 votes
3rd Deadbushia - 2 votes

1st Aeventh - 6 votes (TIE)
1st BhelogaN - 6 votes (TIE)
2nd Grimx - 5 votes
3rd Deadbushia - 1 vote

1st Annabeth - 6 votes
2nd Gamergirl25 - 5 votes
3rd Bhelogan - 4 votes

AC Rewards will be given out shortly after this post goes up. If you won the Godly Kratos or Tears of Eo, please let me know in a PM which Hero to put the item on. If you already have it I can give you an additional 500 AC, so just let me know.
- A new locked chest has appeared on the Moon > The Guardhouse
- You can now hide heroes in your Other Hero list on your profile. The option to hide is under the Customize menu.
- A new event type called a Bobblehead Crawl can happen sometimes on the hour. During the hour, public events that could lead to a bobblehead will spawn non-stop for the hour.
- 9 new Profile Backgrounds have been added under Settings for players that have unlocked backgrounds.
- Bikes under My Gear now sort by rarity
- New Subscriber perks: 10% more Coins when buying AC and special emblems under My Settings
- 3 bobbleheads fixed to be obtainable
- Artemis bobblehead added
Winners of Gear Giveaway Event:
500 AC: thenacho2, Sinteque, Facelesss, alan8r, mmt, kArmageDoom, Johnaham, Hakuun, Mechcat420, CyanurusK
Godly Kratos: Avaskian, Sylverius, Calli, Cadimus, PlainLeaf
Bike from Borgen: Abstractlime, HyperWolff, TheNarrator
Thunderbolt of Zeus: Phos
- First, a new story is out! Bhelogan worked very hard via QuestWriter to build this (again) for Titan Conquest. The story is on Venus and you must be level 30. Check out "Shipwrecked!" and good luck. There is an opportunity here to build some guides or maps for this one on Reddit
- Also, Pure Fire x2 did a quick interview with me on Reddit
- Next, Awoir is hosting a referral contest via Reddit
- This is really cool, the popular Android game reviewer NimbleThor was able to jump in to TC, play a good bit and put together a really great review video of the game!
Gear Giveaway Event this week! Today 3/23 through 3/27, play 1000 battles (attacks) any day to be entered to win. Each day you get 1000+ counts as an entry towards the following items:

10 winners: 500 AC to buy gear
5 winners: Godly Kratos ZX-17
3 winners: Your choice of any single bike Borgen sells
1 winner: The Thunderbolt of Zeus (new Godly primary)

Also, the $100 tier when buying Coins now includes a permanent subscriber status!
Congrats to these clans on being the top 5 in last week's clan points event. The Leaderboard has reset for this week, but the event with AC rewards was only for last week. More events like this will come in the future. AC rewards will be given out today. The results for 3rd and 4th were close!

1st place: RaZR (1,512,961)
2nd place: Nice People (1,134,374)
3rd place: New Age Iron Golds (764,152)
4th place: Art of War (761,314)
5th place: Uncle Sam's Misguided Children (302,111)
- Our scientists did it! We have successfully cured the virus that was plaguing humanity. If you had the virus, you are now cured and immune and will retain the +25% defense perk. For this reason, the Acropolis Science System will only be available a little longer.
- Special Color #4 in Settings now only requires 5 hamster turds.
- New bike at Borgen called Munitions Expert that will give you extra super ammo every so often as you play
- 1 out of 50 chance now of a super AC lottery win, where the winner could win up to 5000 AC!
- Subscribers now have the option to unlock the Customize Hero section for no cost (worth 50 AC per hero). I realize a lot of you have already paid to unlock customize, but for future heroes this will be a nice perk.
- Acropolis scientists have nearly found a cure for the virus. However, you can cure yourself by clearing an area fully it seems. The permananent +25% def perk boost will remain.
- Bobblehead list added to the bottom of the Achievement / Triumph list
- Borgen is selling a new bike called the Cartographer to assist in LP gains
- The Acropolis Science System has figured out a way to sell Cores to assist Heroes. The prices start pretty low and increase per purchase so that our reserves of these cores don't run out too quickly. We are not sure how long we can sell cores, so take advantage of this while you can!
- A virus has been detected in-game spreading hero to hero. We are not sure how it is spreading, or how it is cured, but if you get infected you will have -25% defense perk applied to your hero until you are cured. A few players have become immune to the virus as well. Check the acropolis for infection counts.
- We have learned that once cured you become immune to the virus and your hero gains +25% def perk permanently. However, the method to become cured is not clear yet.
Clan Event this week! Today through 3/15 the top 5 clans with the most clan points will win AC. There is a new leaderboard up to track progress. Go to Leaderboards > Clan Points by Clan. Note: now might be a good time to prune your inactive members.

1st place: all members get 2500 AC
2nd place: all members get 1500 AC
3rd place: all members get 1000 AC
4th place: all members get 500 AC
5th place: all members get 250 AC

Also, the Poseidon bobblehead is now possible to find. Not saying how yet.
- I'd like to give a status on God Tier updates. Basically, a lot has been done so far on GT, but a lot still has to be done. The final area is partially setup, as well as some other back-end stuff. Bhelogan has written an incredible story that is required to get the final ship. It needs to be setup here and tested more.
- However, some of the higher level players have given me a lot to think about with GT and a lot more setup is required. This means it is going to take me a while, because I don't want to launch GT without it be being compelling and challenging. It will also need solid testing, so it may drive me to setting up a public test game again.
- I say all of this to say that it is going to take me some time to get all of this done and right and good, etc. So thank you in advance for your patience. Along the way, I will continue to make small incremental improvements and additions.

- The first 4 Bobbleheads are possible to get now. I won't say how you get them, but you get them from playing the game and trying things. Be creative!
- Each Bobblehead will show on your profile and they unlock a permanent Perk boost to ALL of your Heroes. I will have a list of them added once more are possible to get. They are useful for starting a new Hero though, due to the permanent boost. (Example: Athena adds +50% XP Perk)
- New in-progress Simple UI Mode option added to settings. This cleans up the game UI some to reduce data usage and removes some clutter.
- Notifications now have a slight transparency to assist with covering your HP in battle
- When you are changing weapons or gear, you will now see a little green star if that piece is for sale in your shop. If you equip it, the gear will be removed from your shop.
Mini event this week!
- Monday: Super Titan AND Titan Rush at some point (be ready!)
- Tuesday: 50% more XP all day! (real +50% XP not just perk)
- Wednesday: Increased item drops all day!
- Thursday: 50% more Drachma all day! (real +50% Drachma not just perk)
- 5 lucky players that get at least 1000 battles any day this week will get 1000 AC (given 3/6)
- All bikes sold by Borgen have a perk added to them so you can infuse them now.
- Borgen will have 13 bikes for sale this weekend, including 3 brand new.
- Mat/Booster shop items now all have icons
- A new story, written by Bhelogan, is available at level 60 if you go to the Shrine of Zeus on the Moon.
- Show/Hide at the top of patrol now persists when you click to toggle it.
- Fixed a bug when hitting the public event banner in patrol, where if you didn't have the correct ship, the game would freeze up.
- Added 'Use All Boosters' button to My Inventory
- Added a use amount to My Inventory, so that you can use more than 1 item at a time. You change the amount at the top and then use an item by clicking 'Some'
- You can tap on an active booster in Patrol to cancel the booster now.
- New triumph added for selling at least 150,000 items
- We have the final 3 new vanguards selected: Bhelogan, Pure Fire x2 and adorsey93. Thank you to everybody that applied via Reddit. It was a challenge to pick because there were so many good candidates. The team will certainly expand in the future, so stay a part of the community!
- is now available to anybody that would like to try to build stories, like the kind we have in this game. Check out [LINK]
- A highly requested feature has been added: you can reset a Hero now! First be active on the Hero you wish to reset, and it can't be level 99. Then go to My Hero > Reset Hero and follow the instructions. This is a permanent reset, and designed for players that were trying specific runs and failed them.
- In Clan Shop, there is now a full godly set of gear. It is part of the Clan Gear Set also.
- Clan Set gear adjusted to be less OP and prices in Clan Shop have been raised.
- Shards of Zeus (and the kill) only count if you get at least 2 million dmg on Zeus now.
- New on your Shop manage section, buttons for setting your listed gear to the min price or max price. The buttons are near the bottom.
- Min/Max prices on Hero Shop gear has been adjusted: White 5-25, Green 25-50, Blue 50-100, Purple 100-200, Red 200-350, Yellow 350-600
- There is now a Search Bar at the top of Hero Shops and some Vendors. You can type in things like 'riot', 'special', etc to filter the list down. It works in combination too like 'primary riot'.
- Hero Shop prices on newly listed gear is now affected by decode rank.
- Fixed an issue with Giving AC to other players.
- Two new strange chests have been added to the game. They work slightly different than other chests thus far.
- A new type of bike has been added and will be sold by Borgen this weekend. These bikes can act as permanent boosters doing a variety of things.
- First two Hard Mode Triumphs have been added. Level 99 HM and Deathless 99 HM.
- Small new profile section added if you have more than one hero. This section gives you totals for XP, Battles and Kills for all your Heroes.
- Profile buttons cleaned up
- Instructions added to Coins about using Apple Pay or Google Pay.
- The next 2 Vanguard have been chosen: 54an3 and CosmicThunder90. Congrats to them both!
- There are 2 spots left to be selected and announced later this month.
- Special Color #4 is available under Settings now.
- Fixed a bug related to displayed Enemy spawn locations
- Locked chest 10 at the Aerodrome (level 80)
- Giving AC between players is now limited to the same player once per day.
- If a player gives you AC, you cannot buy from their shop for 7 days now.
- The minimum price for white gear from a Hero Shop is now 5 AC.
- Code of Conduct updated to reflect new Hero Shop rules.
- Bug fixes and more magic added
- Uh oh... the server hamster seems to have gotten loose...
- Borgen will be selling 5 new bikes starting Friday
- Tears of Eo got a big price cut
- Related to Shop Items: Now all gear for sale has level minimums to prevent a brand new player from getting too OP too fast. Yellow 99, Red 50, Purple 40, Blue 30, Green 25, White 5
- Clan Shop Gear now has level minimums also, Purple 50, Red 75
- A brand new Player Shop system is now live! This is a pretty major update, and the first time that player to player selling of gear has ever been possible.
- You can create a shop once you are level 99 by going to My Gear. There is a 250 AC fee to start a shop, but all gear is sold for AC so you will likely make it back quickly if you are competitive on your pricing.
- Code of Conduct updated to reflect new shop rules
- There are other rules on gear you can sell and tweaks will be in the works for the entire thing.
- When you buy a booster now, you will be asked if you want to activate it immediately. This will save you a few clicks to My Inventory.
- Red Clan set weapons are now available in the Clan Shop
- When an enemy is enraged now it will show ENRAGED in it's attack text. This will help new players understand what is happening.
- Help updated with info on Clan Marks and Lottery
- Congrats to Annabeth on being promoted to the Vanguard! 4 more spots will be filled this month. Check the post on Reddit if you are interested.
- New booster: Regenerator - Restores small amount of HP per attack for 100 attacks
- Red Clan Armor is available in the Clan Shop now. Weapons in a future update.
- Now on profiles, you can give Ancient Coins to other players if you have enough. You must have 250 AC on-hand and can then give in specific increments. The other player will get an alert, but it will be anonymous. You can message the player if you want them to know it was from you. (thanks geekerhead)
- fixed a bug when dismantling a fully infused weapon, it will now correctly give back XP bonus
- Locked Chest 3 on the Moon - Circle of Stones
- Option to get more Tries added
- A bunch of new boosters added to Mat/Booster Shop
- The Daily Community Goal has a larger purpose now!
- If we all work together and complete it, a Daily Event will get setup for the following day. A 'Community Bonus' event will unlock a perk boost of 250% - 500% on either Hp, Defense, Xp, Drachma, or Crit after 500 battles are played.
- The bonus to perk% will remain on your Hero the remainder of the day and of course if you complete the Daily Community Goal, it can happen again the following day perpetually!
- The next goal here is to have Super Titan spawns automatically after so many Community Goals are completed per month. I am NOT done with this part yet, but should have it in a future update.
- A new type of story is available now, starting at level 15 at the sky bridge on Earth
- This new type is a Chest with a lock, and you are given just a few tries to get the combo correct.
- Currently once you are out of tries, that's it, but I will add a way to get more tries for a story soon.
- Fixed issue with remaining story counts in certain locations.
- Fixed issue with special color unlocking incorrectly
- New training story in the acropolis
- New story at the Docks
- Slowly adding new avatar art by 54an3
- Bottom right Home button is now mobile only, because it got in the way on smaller tablets.
- Addthis no longer loads when logged in so that ad blockers don't trigger
- New unread clan chart alert at the top of Global Chat
- Great idea from Spicy Memes to make clan rank affect the clan shop in the form of a discount. If your clan rank is 40, you get 40%, for example
- Triumphs added for getting to Mount Olympus and Defeating Zeus, suggested by CosmicThunder90
- Introducing Clan Marks - earn 1 per kill so long as you are in a clan
- Clan Shop unlocks at level 10 and takes Clan Marks
- Clan Set Gear available in Clan Shop (currently low-mid level available)
- Clan Set Gear is +2% all perks - full sets will be added this week hopefully
- Fixed issue with War Mech Pulse drops
- Bounties after level 50 will have higher chance of Red rewards
- Fixed issue with Titan Bounties for level 99 Heroes
- Triumphs list added to the Achievements section.
- Achievements have new icons, thanks 54an3!
- HARD MODE: Now when you can create a new Hero, you are given the option to set it as Hard Mode. Currently, this makes all enemies hit 3x harder. I may make hard mode even harder once I have some player feedback. This only applies to new Heroes after your first 99 and is designed for our veteran players.
- Once I have some Hard Mode data, there will be leaderboard filters for them and new triumphs and achievements.
- Right now, hard mode is indicated by a red skull next to the hero on profiles.
- Hard mode has higher chance of enemy enrage and enemy attacks minimum is now 5-15
- Fixed Max Decode Rank Triumph
- Fixed No Kills 99 Triumph
- Fixed 2 broken emblems
- Power over time chart added
- Fixed Bike Infusion
- Godly Kratos and another Gold piece available at the VQ now
- First day of We are back Event: Today play 500 battles and you will get +500% Drachma boost the rest of the day.
- Fixed tracking of Hero Clan Points on profiles
- Fixed background issue with custom emblem upload section on mobile devices
- Some weaker red weapons are now in the weapon shop
- Achievement count bug fixed
- Battles played today added to clan member list
- In-game messages now send an email to the player
- Custom Emblems and Profile backgrounds can be enabled again with certain levels of Ancient Coin purchases.
- Restored Power Change logging, for use in a future update
- Lottery now has a 20% chance of being Ancient Coins between 50 - 500. This affects all online players each hour (any level).
- Fixed bug with booster descriptions
- Added another email unsubscribe check
- Removed a patreon setting no longer used
What is happening? Let me explain. Yes, I did quit/retire and shut everything I had down. Most of it is still gone, but recently I came into an arrangement that allowed me some hosting for a few things. I decided that even though I feel done (for now) with my side project work, this game at the very least was fun for a lot of people. So, I've decided to put it back online.

To further explain things, in late fall last year, I was under a lot of stress and pressure, and had way too many irons in the fire at one time. My hobby sites (this game and others) were actually interfering with my day-job and taking far too much personal time, and not making enough money to really cover expenses. I also had some personal stuff and it all got to be too much at once... so I shut down (as you saw). I'm sorry it happened that way. My intent here isn't to get back into the same level of work/stress that I had before, but this game was really loved by a lot of people. My hope is that it is back as it is, and could get updates this year depending on a number of things. Either way, its online, so feel free to pick back up and click away. Or don't... I understand you might have trust issues.

This instance picks up from a backup prior to Season 2 starting the last time. That means you can make a new Hero for Season 2 fresh. I don't plan to change to Season 3 until middle of 2020 (6 months or so). I am pretty sure everything is working just as it was, but you can message me issues and I'll make an attempt to fix them when possible. Finally, there is no patreon anymore, but you can buy Ancient Coins still if you want, but it's not required.
- Boosters that affect perks have been changed to increase their effect based on your level. This should make most boosters more useful even at later levels.
- A new Balanced Booster item has been added that boosts all perks at once. It is available in the Mat/Booster shop and can drop from enemies/bounties.
- Red Memories will drop from enemies (rarely) now in the Underworld and New Agora
- New Kratos godly weapon added
- Starter Kratos now defaults to locked
- Two new Triumphs have been added: 200 Cards Unlocked and 50k kills in a single day
- Small Code of Conduct change
- Bug fixes
- A new unlockable gradient for your username is available under Settings. More of these will be added over time.
- The Acropolis Sentinel and Randal the Vandal can drop new items in support of the new gradient color option
- My Inventory now has an Other list that includes these new items and Shards of Zeus
- Registration still asks for email, but is no longer required
- In support of the new Patreon tiers, a custom emblem upload tool has been added that is accessible from My Settings
- A new achievement for collecting emblems has been added
- Option to turn off your Patreon chat style added to settings
- New booster item: Berserker Charm - runs for 500 attacks and keeps enemies enraged
- New booster item: Enrage Nullifier - runs for 500 attacks and keeps enemies from enraging, also works against public event bosses
- A new story is available at Sol Complex for level 10+
- Added some color to HP bar when you get low
- Added chat mentions when you click on an emblem
- When you purchase a bike now it will be set to Riding
- Daily Stats now shows estimated days to 10B Drachma once you reach level 99 and then days to 75B Drachma once you are over 10B
- Fixed extra twitter icon in acropolis
- Adjusted Borgen price calculations for this weekend
- Small bug fixes and tweaks
- We are on a brand new dedicated server just for this game. No more shared hosting and way better game speed.
- Now if you turn off chat in settings, it will actually turn off the calls for chat, which might help game speed
- The main Clans list now shows the member count
- Decoding single memories now gives a nice popup with the new gear stats and improvements.
- Mass yellow decode added for level 99 Heroes
- Super abilities now do a different effect as part of the removal of Destiny content
- Subclass ammo changes - certain ones allow for more than single use now
- Fixed scrolling on settings when changing emblems or colors
- Added new emblems for Special Patrons (coming this week)
- Added clan averages and totals to My Clan and View Clan
- Ancient Coin Shop added as a Vendor in Acropolis and also cleaned up
- Booster descriptions mention Perk now
- Special Patron perks have been updated on Patreon
- The long awaited Godly Gear update is live!
- Yellow Memories can be obtained from Mount Olympus only.
- Godly Gear has a chance to be part of one of two new Gear Sets: Slayer and Oracle.
- SLAYER: +4% Attack, +2% LP, +4% XP, +2% Crit
- ORACLE: +2% HP, +4% Def, +4% Drachma, +2% Evade
- Ship for Mount Olympus lowered to 75B Drachma
- Shards of Zeus obtainable from killing Zeus now. Details of this item will be shared in the future. - IMPORTANT: Story progress has reset because it is now tracked per Hero. No rewards were lost.
- A lot of item updates and price drops in the VQ
- Reaper of Mars class item is now called Protean Bracer and has had all stats increased
- A new story system is in place!
- Look for Explore this area in the Acropolis to start with
- Easy stories are in for new players to earn a few things as they are starting out
- This will grow out slowly over time.
- Option has been added to settings to turn on an auto-decode auto-dismantle of white and green memories. This setting is off by default.
- Special Patrons list added to Acropolis.
- New Avenge system in place. If an enemy kills a player, that instance of the enemy will appear red to all other players in the same area. If any other player (including yourself) kills that enemy, you have avenged the hero that was killed and will received 2X the final blow rewards. This doesn't stack though, so even if the same enemy instance kills more than one Hero, you are only ever avenging the last hero killed. The avenge counts are tracked per Hero and there is a seasonal leaderboard.
- Achievement and leaderboards for Heroes Avenged added
- Profiles cleaned up a bit.
- Customize your Hero name and Card now by going to My Hero > Customize
- Art has been refreshed again for heroes, titans, enemies and gods. I think the new card art is much better and opens up a lot of things I can do as the game expands.
- Enemy info sections now have more stats including enemy stat info. They are also reachable after you kill an enemy now.
- Hero creation has been cleaned up and features the new Hero art.
- Gear Sets are now live! This is a complex system that will make you pay attention more to the gear you decode and equip. For a full breakdown see this post.
- New gear at the VQ and Weapon shop related to gear sets
- In Patrol, a random location (same planet) will now appear under Go somewhere else. This allows you to more easily hop around the regions of a planet.
- new run icon
- added link below most powerful heroes
- option to buy Kratos again from VQ
- major database cleanup
- confetti optimization
- achievement progress added to the Acropolis
- 3 new public event titans
- new locked gear icon on change weapon/armor
- new main game background
- most powerful heroes now featured in the Acropolis
- area descriptions will begin to fill out as the story progresses
- more level up announcements at level 50/60/70/80/90/99
- fixed some wording on the help page
- a lot of icons updated
- Check Patreon for the event winners and test server news.
- Red drops have been fixed and a bug related to clan details has been fixed.
- The last login date for clan members shows next to offline members in My Clan.
- Exotic gear is now called Triumphant gear. Yellow is now Red. AND: The limit that was imposed on Exotic gear has been removed. This means you can have an entire set of Triumphant gear if you want.
- Also, and this isn't done yet, but there is going to be a 6th tier of gear called 'Godly' gear that will bring back the yellow color. Yellow memories will only be obtainable on Mount Olympus and will be very very rare / difficult to get. More on that once more is done.
- The Android app for the game has been published! It is pretty much the same as playing in the browser, but maybe a bit faster. Also, the game can send you alerts about events and contests. If you are an Android user, go check it out, install it and leave a review. Here is the link: Android
- A bit more work has been done on a lot of the item art around the game. Always more to do here, but things are moving pretty quick.



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