The White Lotus
————————————WELCOME———————————— Bound by honor. -First: Complete bounties and Daily Rewards. -Second: Kill enemies to strengthen the clan...and your hero. -Third: If you just want to hang around, you’re very much welcome to, but during CC events (6th/7th/8th of the month) participation is mandatory unless instructed otherwise. (And no, you’re not required to complete a bounty ^-^) For any help, post inquiries in the clan/global chat!

Created by: Alvonia
Members: 17
Leaderboard: #15
Tag: TWL

Rank: 49

Clan Control 3 (x1)

CLAN MEMBERS (17 / 20)
Average XP per member: 190,380,877,646
Total XP of all members: 3,236,474,919,983
Average Power Level: 21,508
Average Level: 83