The Cookie Clan
This clan is open to any player that is interested in our no pressure casual game play. If you're looking for guidance and encouragement this may be the place for you. On the flip side, this clan probably isn't a good fit for those with a burning competitive spirit to conquer the leaderboards. If you feel you like our vibe, you're welcome to sit a spell, enjoy the company, and have a cookie. 10 day inactivity policy in-place to keep the clan active.

Created by: pheows
Members: 20
Leaderboard: #12
Tag: 🍪

Rank: 57

Clan Control 3 (x3)

CLAN MEMBERS (20 / 20)
Average XP per member: 1,216,976,471,849
Total XP of all members: 24,339,529,436,986
Average Power Level: 37,190
Average Level: 84