IRoN RaZR v2
RaZR and The New Age Iron Gods, the two highest ranked clans in T.C. are joining forces to create FaZE/IRoN RaZR. Combining the concepts of competitive and friendly environments, we strive to have a community of active players that love the game and want to thrive on getting better every day! We plan to have clan events for members and to build a strong core of both players that want to progress, but also just carry on and have a good time. If youll be away for a time please inform a mod

Created by: Pirolamb
Members: 12
Leaderboard: #9

Rank: 64

CLAN MEMBERS (12 / 20)
Average XP per member: 954,253,771,774
Total XP of all members: 11,451,045,261,291
Average Power Level: 48,629
Average Level: 82