Uncle Sam's Misguided Children
A fun relaxed setting to hang out in while we keep our clicking fingers strong! No daily battle #'s but we do ask you maintain a weekly battle amount of 2k+. Absences of a week or not hitting that number may have us part ways. If you are going to be away, let us know! Open joining enabled. If we have a slot and you can meet or exceed the req's - come on in! Formerly of the clan and returned to active clicking? WB! Heart set on joining but we are full? Message a clan admin

Created by: 0lime
Members: 20
Leaderboard: #3

Rank: 72

Clan Control 2 (x4)

Clan Control 3 (x4)

CLAN MEMBERS (20 / 20)
Average XP per member: 221,389,160,065,911
Total XP of all members: 4,427,783,201,318,222
Average Power Level: 110,759
Average Level: 92