75k Event Guide
Hitchhiker's guide to 75k battles
To buy all 8 pieces of 75k event UNLIMITED POWER set from Event Shop, each player will need to do 75k battles.

A battle is any type of action done while fighting any enemy in the game. All primary, special and heavy attacks; sub-class abilities, taking cover and using remedies count as 1 battle.

Best way to do lots of battles is spamming Primary Attack on enemies that can stay alive and the hero can easily tank for a long time. This can be done in the following ways:

1) Kratos Farming:
Titans give XP/Drachma rewards based on the damage done on them. But non-titan enemies give a fixed amount of XP/Drachma. That makes attacking a high rewarding non-titan enemy with a very low damage weapon -such as Trapper Rifle or starting weapon Kratos(The strategy got it's name from that weapon)- one of the best strategies for XP and Drachma grinds allowing high battle counts at the same time.

Reasons to go for Kratos Farming:
-Being able to focus every single attack on high rewarding enemies instead of distributing them to enemies that reward lower. (Such as highest tier Captains/Minotaurs the hero can tank at Black War)
-Switchin between enemies is very slow in terms of Battles per Second so by focusing all attacks on a single enemy allows much higher battle counts.
-There are speed caps on all attack types but Primary Attack is the fastest. (Can be spammed up to 3-4 times per second)

What to Kratos Farm:
a) Level 60 to 75: Dark Arena at Moon is a good source of XP. (To enter there, an Arena Token can be obtained by doing a Bounty) Names of Dark Heroes that the hero can tank and also give high XP (15k+ per hit) should be noted to go for them later too.
b) Level 75 to 90: Mercury enemies are the recommended targets for XP at this level range but most heroes cannot tank Mercury enemies that are worth Kratos Farming. (Red clan armors can help a lot with tanking them.) If that's the case, best option is continuing at Dark Arena until level 90.
c) Level 90 to 99: Black War is by far the best option for this level range. If the hero has all red clan armor pieces, Black War enemies can still kill the hero but returning to Black War after death is definitely worth the effort for high XP. For Kratos Farming, highest tier Captains/Minotaurs should be targeted as they give the highest XP and don't inflict Status Effects.
d) Drachma grind for Mount Olympus after level 99: At this stage, recommended gear combination is Red Thief Set + Red Thief Kratos from Vanguard Quartermaster + Daimona Lyssa (Enrage Bike). And the target enemies are still highest tier Captains/Minotaurs at Black War since it is unlikely a hero at this stage can Kratos Farm enraged Underworld enemies.

2) Going only for high battle counts;
Sacred Companions only take 1 damage from any attack if the hero does not have Trapper Rifle equipped. So finding a Sacred Companion and spamming Primary Attacks is one of the best ways for any hero that can tank them.

Acropolis Sentinel at Acropolis (can be patrolled by Home > Go Back to Acropolis > Go to Cards > Go Patrol) has very high shield and unless someone else kills it, can last for a very long time.

3) Zeus/AP farmers;
Even though farming Zeus/AP give less Battles per Hour (Especially AP), with the event bonus, continuing farming Zeus/AP is recommended

4) Puffin Browser;
Puffin Browser on Android or iOS allows most players to battle 2-3x faster. (Especially players who are not living near the server and/or have bad internet connections). On PC, an Android emulator such as Bluestacks 5 can be used to run it. There is a chance it may not be as effective for all players but if it does, it is such a huge difference that every player should at least try it once. (Note: Puffin Browser is good only for spamming Battles/Kills, for other purposes (Chat, Inventory, Switching Gear Loadouts etc.) TC App is a lot better.)

Spark/Unlimited Power Gear

UNLIMITED POWER Event set explanation:

(Anything explained below can change in the future.)

UNLIMITED POWER are yellow gears that are tagged as Event. That means they can be Onyx once they reach level 99 and also if they're combined with another set, they will keep the set bonus.

Each UNLIMITED POWER gear will have 1 base stat and +1 to all stats and both base and other stats will increase by 1 each time they're purchased. So if Primary Weapon piece of UNLIMITED POWER set is purchased 100 times, it will have 101 base atk and +101 to all stats.

If all 8 Event gear are equipped, the set bonus will be 672% to all perks.

The formula to for the additional Event set bonus for combining them with another set is:

(Other Set Full Bonus) * (Other set piece count / 8) + 84 * (Event Piece Count) to all stat. Essentially,it is a weighted average of the full set bonuses.
Note: The total is divided by 2 if the other set is not yellow.

So, if 1 slayer piece and 7 event pieces are combined, the total set bonus will be:

(Full Slayer Set Bonus) * (1/8) + (84 * 7 = 588 to all stats) which is;
+112 atk% and xp%, +56 crit% and lp% from Slayer piece and +588% to all stats from Event pieces.
So in total, 700 atk%, 700 xp%, 664 crit%, 664 lp%, 588 def%, 588 drachma%, 588 hp% and 588 ev%.

Another example, if 3 slayer pieces and 5 event pieces are combined:

(Full Slayer Set Bonus) * (3/8) + (84 * 5 = 420 to all stats) which is;
+336 atk% and xp%, +168 crit% and lp% from Slayer pieces and +420% to all stats from Event pieces.
So in total, 756 atk%, 756 xp%, 588 crit%, 588 lp%, 420 def%, 420 drachma%, 420 hp% and 420 ev%.

Last example, if 5 yellow clan pieces and 3 event pieces are combined:

(Full Clan Set Bonus) * (5/8) + (84 * 3 = 252 to all stats) whish is;
+280% to all stats from Clan pieces and +252% to all stats from Event pieces.
So in total, +532% to all stats.

Credits to Zzck for this amazing guide

Spark Gear Tracking

GearCost Current OwnersStat Boost

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