Abandoned Satellite Station
Story: Abandoned Satellite Station (By Firestream)
Location: Earth : Greece Sanctuary : The Acropolis

Imgur link to a map of the Satellite Station. Some players have expressed being unable to visit Reddit, and other users have said the map in the Tips and Tricks thread can be a little difficult to follow. This is a cleaner map:



For those who are unable to access the image, the typed paths are below (N is North, S is South, E is East, W is West):

Ending 1:

SpoilerS S E S S E E N E

Ending 2:

SpoilerS S E S S W S S W S E

Ending 3:

SpoilerS S E S S W S S E S S

Ending 4:

SpoilerS S E S S E E N N E W S S W W W W W N W W S W

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