Ancient Coins
Ancient Coins (AC) are a rare premium currency that can be found by defeating regular enemies (0.5% Drop Rate) or Titans (5% Drop Rate). Daily rewards are a good source as well as claiming the monthly rewards.
Clan Control can give nice amounts if your clan participates. See How to get AC for more tips.

AC is accepted by Borgen and Hero Shops in The Acropolis as well as the Mat/Booster Shop and Limited Emblem Shop. (Hero Shops open up to all your heroes once your first one reaches level 99.)

Cores can be bought with AC at the Acropolis Science System when it rotates in each week. Spending AC at this store is NOT advised. It is too costly and there are many other ways to get cores.

AC can also be used to tranpose XP to gear for Gear Leveling. You can transpose some of your XP or Drachma over to your gear. You can do this once per day for 0 AC, but each subsequent transposition will increase by 10 AC until the following day.

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