Bike Tier List
This is a Borgen bike tier list, by Shred, with some explanations.

Please note: This is all in MY opinion. How you choose to spend your AC is, ultimately, up to you. Some people may disagree with the odd few placements but for the general player unsure as to what to do, this should be reasonably accurate from a new player perspective.


Item Magnet - Useful at all stages of the game for memories, more cores, more ancient coins
Daimona Lyssa - Gains are great so long as you can survive the extra damage, is probably the best "I want gains" bike there is


Coin Detector - Fantastic for AC, particularly if you are grinding out for expensive Borgen weapons
Crazy Tapper - Borderline essential for transposing, has limited utility after God Tier. Decent bike to ride while grinding as well, somewhat displaces Vision of Homer if you have to pick one or the other.
Ruiner - Great alternative gear exp gaining stat bike which many people use to great effect, could be B tier. Cheap.
Phalanx - Great damage bike useful in many situations (PEs, more damage on titans = better gains so a kind of mini exp bike as well)


Touch of Asclepius - Auto HP regen is very useful, it's good, now we have Heart of Cupid, it's possibly less desirable. Cheap.
Shield Wall (if oracle) - Helping strengthen a stat oracle is already strong at. Would still argue Phalanx is more useful. Good for 100k power triumph early.
Vision of Homer - For me, this could be A tier, but it's been outclassed a little by the enrage/Crazy Tapper meta.


Shadow of Ares - Multi-spread bikes are simply not as effective as high single perk focused bikes.
Armament Force - HP/Atk split bike. It's limited in utility.
Drachma Boat - Has potential use pre-Light Seeker, but there is Santa Sleigh in VQM, and it's quite a lot of AC to spend when actually there are far more useful bikes to choose from.
Wrath of Homer - Slightly more useful than armament force, but it's just not better than Homer/Phalanx
Shield Wall (if slayer) - It's just got limited utility. I'm not sure where anyone would use this actively when slayer focuses on killing before you die.
Drachma Attack - Split between drachma (not that useful a perk to ride a bike for after Light Seeker) and attack means it's not fantastic at either, average
Tears of Eo - Same problem as Shadow of Ares


Should be clear why most of these are niche:

Light of Theia
Words of Pasithea
Achlys Daimona
Focal Point
Bounty Tracker
Meat Shield
Munitions Expert - Has use in that you can build up many super charges then unleash in a flurry of damage and gains, but all that time accruing charges means you're not using a better bike instead.


Drachma Inverter - Difficult to maintain low health. It's just not that great, stick with Drachma Boat. Expensive.
Model S - Random in a game of grinding for consistent gains is not good.
Bellerophon - Just isn't noticeable enough, waste of a bike slot.
Insight of Perseus - Same problem as Bellerophon.

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