Bobbleheads are collectibles that provide a boost to a players perks as a reward for collecting them, and can be found at the bottom of Game Progress (Achievements). This boost is provided account wide, making it extremely helpful when making new characters.

Obtaining them can be tricky, for most of them you have to get the killing blow on their respective Public Events, with the exceptions being Athena, Hephaestus and Zeus (and you have to be lvl 99 to get them). To get Athena’s, you have to go to Earth > Athenas Lair and just start doing stuff, no idea what the specific trigger is, but if you keep at it you’ll eventually get it. To get Hephaestus' you need to have gear above a certain lvl (roughly 27) and you should get it automatically, or once you go to "My Gear". To get Zeus’, you need to kill a Zeus while you have 50 or more Shards of Zeus (essentially fight 50 Zeus’ and then kill 1 after that).

Here are all the known boosts provided by the bobbleheads. These boosts apply to your whole account, and are quite helpful for new Heroes. Note: This applies to your Perk Percentage, not a flat increase.

Apollo - +50% HP

Ares - +50% Attack

Artemis - +50% LP

Athena - +50% XP

Hades - +50% HP / +50% Defense / +25% Crit

Hephaestus - Boosts gear XP

Hera - +25% Crit / +50% LP

Poseidon - +50% Drachma

Zeus - +50% Defense

Staff Only