Boosters are consumable items that can be found in chests, given as rewards from doing bounties or bought from the Mat/Booster shop in The Acropolis for Ancient Coins. There are many types of boosters, some give stat boosts while others provide special effects. Note that boosters which provide special effects scale with the Hero's level, the formula is the boost listed below +2*lvl, so at lvl 99 the boost will be the value listed below +198%. Boosters of different tiers (e.g. Attack II and Attack III) will stack effect, while boosters of the same tier (e.g. multiple Attack II's) will stack duration.

The boosts provided and duration for boosters are as listed below:

Booster NameBoosts ProvidedDuration
Attack Booster +50% ATK50 battles
Attack Booster II +50% ATK500 battles
Attack Booster III+50% ATK2000 battles
Balanced Booster +10% all perks500 battles
Berserker Charm Auto enemy enrage (doesn't work on Public Events)500 battles
Defense Booster+50% DEF50 battles
Defense Booster II+50% DEF500 battles
Defense Booster III+50% DEF2000 battles
Drachma Booster+50% D50 battles
Drachma Booster II +50% D500 battles
Drachma Booster III +50% D2000 battles
Enrage NullifierPrevents enemy enrage (doesn't work on Public Events) 500 battles
Ghost CloakInvincibility 100 battles
LP Booster II+50% LP 500 battles
Poison PillPoisons you 500 battles
Regenerator Heals 2.5% of HP every attack 100 battles
Sup Crit Booster +999% CRIT 10 battles
Sup Crit Booster II+999% CRIT 50 battles
Sup Drachma Booster+999% D10 battles
Tracking Beacon Highlights bounty targets names in yellow500 battles
XP Booster +50% XP50 battles
XP Booster II+50% XP 500 battles
XP Booster III +50% XP2000 battles

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