Chat Links
There are many links you can type into chat in order to help out others by showing them places like the Reddit and Help. These are created by typing the following in chat:

[⁠help] - Help

[⁠reddit] - Reddit

[⁠discord] - Discord

[⁠wiki] - Wiki

[⁠coc] - Code of Conduct

[⁠twitter] - Twitter

[⁠facebook] - Facebook

[⁠ios] - iOS

[⁠android] - Android

[⁠achievements] - Achievements

[⁠coins] - Coins

[⁠web] - Web

[feedback⁠] - Feedback

[poll⁠] - Poll

[⁠message]- Message

[⁠about] or [⁠update]- Update

[⁠profile]- Profile

[⁠clan]- Clan

[⁠settings]- Settings

[coins⁠]- Coins

[⁠leaderboards]- Leaderboards

[⁠forums]- Forum

[⁠daily]- Daily Stats

[⁠shops]- Hero Shops

[⁠test]- Test

You can also tag players in chat by either typing @username: or clicking on their emblem (if they have one).

(⁠(clan tag⁠)⁠) - links to the Clan page. Example FAZE

Chat commands

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