Once you reach lvl 20 you will start to see chests spawning in. These can spawn in any area (other than while patrolling the Acropolis or any Astral Plane zone) and give useful drops when killed. As you lvl up more you will see more types of chests, and higher quality chests spawning which can be quite beneficial to open. Please note that opening a chest will count as a kill and will disqualify you from the "No Kills" triumph.

Regular Chests:

Chest NameLevel UnlockedApproximate HPDrops
Small Chest20500Items
Medium Chest201,500Items
Large Chest403,000Items / Boosters
XL Chest8012,000Items / Boosters
Mega Chest9950,000Items / Boosters

*Note that the higher quality chests typically give more and/or better items than lower rarity chests

Material Caches:

Chest NameLevel UnlockedApproximate HPDrops
Small Material Cache405001 of each material
Medium Material Cache401,5002 of each material
Large Material Cache603,0003 of each material
XL Material Cache8012,0004 of each material
Mega Material Cache9950,0005 of each material

Memory Caches:

Chest NameLevel UnlockedApproximate HPDrops
Common Memory Cache 405002 White, 1 Green
Uncommon Memory Cache401,5002 White, 2 Green, 1 Blue
Rare Memory Cache 603,0002 Green, 2 Blue, 1 Purple
Legendary Memory Cache8012,0003 Blue, 2 Purple, small chance for 1 Red
Triumphant Memory Cache9950,0003 Purple, small chance for 1 Red

Core Boxes:

Chest NameLevel UnlockedApproximate HPDrops
Single Core Box 605,0001 Core
Double Core Box8015,0002 Cores
Triple Core Box99 50,0003 Cores

If you are looking for codes to the locked chest stories, please see Locked Chest Codes

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