Clan Control
Clan Control is a monthly 3-day long event (6,7 and 8th of every month) where all clans fight for control of patrol zones. Controlling a zone gives you and your clan +20% XP and Drachma for battling in that zone. You can also fight and claim more zones, and for each additional zone you claim, that adds 1% more XP and Drachma to your controlled zones. This caps at 35%, so controlling 16 total zones gives you a max of 35% more XP and Drachma for battling in your controlled zones.

You are encouraged to continue capturing more zones for your clan even after hitting the cap. See: Rewards.

Rewards: At the end of the 3 day period, Clans with at least 1 controlled zone win Ancient Coins.
- 1st Place: 1000 AC
- 2nd Place: 750 AC
- 3rd Place: 500 AC

Additionally, the following rewards are also available:
- Any Clan with 5+ zones: 250 AC
- Any Clan with 1+ zones: 100 AC

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