At level 10 you may join a clan, or at level 20 you may create a clan. Joining or creating a clan offers many new features and perks within the game that you will want to start receiving immediately!

you can access the list of clans to the left of the screen under the "Navigation" panel, by clicking Clans, or by going to someone's profile who is in a clan and going towards the bottom and clicking the clans name. Once you join or create a clan, you will start collecting clan marks and clan points and a bonus when fighting in the same area as your clan mates.

Clan marks - These are earned by killing enemies. 1 kill = 1 clan mark and is used in the clan store located at the acropolis
Clan points - These are earned by battling enemies. 1 battle = 1 clan point. Clan points are required to level up one's clan.
Bonus - When fighting in the same area as your clan mates, you will receive 10% bonus to EXP and Drachma per clan mate that is there.


The Clan store is located at the acropolis and will become visible one in a clan. Currently, The Clan Shop sells armor that contains the Clan set tag in the orange bubble next to the name. for more information on that, check Gear Sets.

A discount is available depending on the level of ones clan. The discount will be that of the clan level. Example: level 5 = 5% discount, a level 25 clan will have a 25% discount.

The Clan store will contain Purple, Red, and yellow gear.
Armor level required
Purple Level 50
Red Level 75
Yellow Level 99 + Lightseeker (Mount Olympus ship)


While Clan Control is active, clans can control area's of planets for a bonus. It's a minimum of 1000 kills to take the planet unless already claimed by another clan, where you will need to obtain more kills then said clan to steal control from them.

Once you start taking areas, you will receive a bonus to EXP and Drachma for fighting in that area. Bonuses are stacked as shown below.

First area = 20% Bonus
All others = 1% Bonus

The max bonus one may hold in an area is 35%. So, after the first area, you can take up to another 15 areas for the max. This bonus is separate from the bonus for fighting in the same area as another clan member, however both boosts will still stack. The clan control bonus is multiplicative (i.e. gives you an overall 20%-35% boost to your XP and Drachma gains) while the clan member bonus is additive (i.e. adds 10% to your XP and Drachma perk for each additional clan member in your location), so the clan control bonus is much stronger, especially in later lvls as a 10% boost to your XP and Drachma boost is not much at that point.

You can see how many areas your clan holds on your Clan page at the top. The number is also click-able to see which places you currently hold. All places held will turn to a blue tile to indicate it is under your clans control.


If you choose to create a clan, you will have multiple options including editing your clan, Alerting clan members, Requests to join and clan leaderboards.

Editing clan - Pretty self explanatory. This allows you to change the clans name, edit the bio, set the clan to open so that no approval is needed, allow join requests, and edit ones clan tag.
Alert clan members - This feature will allow you to send an alert to all clan members. It will pop up a banner just like post master notifications on all clan members screens.
Request to join - This allows you to manage all the people requesting to join your clan. in here, it allows you to approve or deny.
Clan leaderboards - This, just like the overall leaderboards, will show you how the members of your clan are doing and were they are ranking among each other.

Clan leaders can set clan managers. Setting a clan manager allows that person to do pretty much everything the owner of the clan is able to do, including approving members and sending out alerts.

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