Combo Boosting
Combo Boosting (Also Known As Juicing)
By TopTop

What is it?

When juicing, you will combine many boosters at the same time to fight titans, and so you will be "Juiced" for an amount of attacks. In this guide I'll explain how to do the complete juiced combo. You can also do a "Soft" combo by using only some of those boosters. You may want to use a soft combo when you don’t have everything but really want some gains now, or maybe if you are sick of dying from poison and enraged titans.

What is it good for?

Juicing will allow you to get very high amounts of XP and/or drachma in a short time. Getting much more from your boosters then when used otherwise.

Additional Note: If you are after XP make sure to pick the +10% xp bonus before you do this, same goes for drachma. If you are after both, take the +10% bonus for the one you want more.

How to do it? Step by step:

1. Collect Boosters - You will want to collect boosters from opening chests and bounties. The complete combo lasts for 2,000 attacks and requires:

Level ILevel IILevel III
Attack40 (or as much as you have )41
DefenseNot required (if you have them laying around may as well use them too)41
Xp and/or drachma40 (or as much as you have )41
Berserker CharmN\A4N\A
Poison pillN\A4N\A
Crit/drachma Super boosters*Up to 200Up to 40N\A

*(really rare and short, so not part of the complete combo. Add them to be complete+)

2. Activate the boosters and use your best attack + xp and/or drachma gear.
3. Go fight titans that have plenty of hp. You’ll find them in Mercury, Black war, Underworld or Mount Olympus.
4. Use “Special” on their shield and “Heavy” on their HP. Try and finish them off with a super attack, this will increase XP and drachma gains.
5. Watch your own HP as you will lose a lot of it, if you get dazed or blind use a remedy immediately.

When should you get juiced?

The best times to get juiced are:

1. When you get to black war as you work for Level 99.
2. When you grind for the Light Seeker Ship, preferably after you’ve unlocked most of the Underworld zones as well.
3. When you try to Onyx your first gear and it’s on an XP community perk day (combine with Crazy Tapper Bike).
4. Any time you have the boosters and want big gains fast.

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[] RayaNa says:
Thanks to pheows for putting it together.

[] ADirtySock says:
Let's get Juiced!!

[] Farfetchedchild says:
Thanks for the guide. If one doesn't have the Crazy Tapper bike, is it best to use the enrage bike for this?



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