Companion Skills
Sacred Companions each have a skill they can perform in Patrol. The level of the companion represents the percentage of enemies that will be affected by the Skill when activated. Skills can be activated every 30 minutes. Also, the effect of the Skill is shared across Heroes in the same subregion zone and can be combined with other Companion Skills being activated by other Heroes.

Example: Level 28 Sacred Owl - Skill would affect 28% of the enemies in the area (this is per Subregion Zone)

List of Skills

Sacred Owl - Time Remembers
Adds Memories to Enemies - Green, Purple, Red only*
If player can visit Mount Olympus Yellows are included

Sacred Bear - Brutal Attack
Drops current Enemy HP by 25%

Sacred Rhino - Wealth Creation
Adds Drachma Items to Enemies - Drachma Sphere, Orb and MiniSphere*

Sacred Lion - Shield Destroyer
Drops Enemy Shields to 0 but doesn't count as shields broken

Sacred Elephant - Knowledge Gained
Adds XP Items to Enemies - XP Sphere, Orb and MiniSphere*

Sacred Boar - Distance Reduced
Adds LP Items to Enemies - LP Sphere, Orb and MiniSphere*

*The item is chosen first and then applied to the enemies (based on percentage). So if a Red Mem is selected, it could be dropped onto 28% (just an example) of the enemies in the zone.

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