Core Titan
The Core Titan is similar to a public event in that it spawns in a specific location and allows for all players to attack it. It has 2,000,000,000 HP (2 billion).

Rewards: For every 500,000 damage you deal, you get 1 random Core. There is a cap at 50 Cores, so upon dealing 25,000,000 damage, you can no longer get rewards for more damage. See: Note.

Note: Your rewards are multiplied based on the number of kills on the Core Titan. For example, you deal your 25,000,000 damage. If only 1 person kills it, that is 50 Cores x 1 kill. 50x1 = 50. 2 kills means 100 Cores. 3 kills means 150 Cores. 50x3 = 150. 472,388 kills means 23,619,400 Cores.

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