Drachma :
The main currency of the game and is collected via attacking enemies / bounties / missions / items etc.

Ancient Coins
A strange person shows up at The Acropolis every week. He will sell you an exclusive bike for the right amount of Ancient Coins. Abbreviated as AC. The bikes on sale will last the whole weekend and will not rotate.

Vanguard Marks
You can earn Vanguard Marks by completing Missions. These are then used to purchase items from the Vanguard Quartermaster at The Acropolis. Abbreviated as VM. You can earn VM through bounties also, however this is typically slower than farming missions.

Clan Marks
You earn clan marks by getting kills while in a clan. 1 kill will give you 1 CM, so the best way to farm them is to go to a low lvl area like Earth or the Moon and starting farming kills there.

All of these currencies are shared between heroes, which means that after your first hero it becomes much easier to level up and complete triumphs.

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