Decoding / Power
Gear decrypted from memories can have multiple perks.
* Common (White) gear gets 1 perk.
* Uncommon (Green) gear gets 2 perks with slightly higher potential than Common (White) gear.
* Rare (Blue) gear gets 4 perks.
* Most Legendary (Purple) gear gets 6 perks.
* Triumphant (Red) gear gets 8 perks.
* Godly (Yellow) gear gets 8 perks.
The perks that are possible include: HP, Attack, Defense, Drachma, XP, LP, Critical Hit Chance, and Evade Chance. Each of these acts as a percentage boost for your Hero. Gear with perks will show the perks and their values in the description of the gear within your gear changing menu.

Power represents your overall strength in the game. It is based on your Hero's overall traits, K/D ratio (miniscule) and your gear. The higher your power, the better gear you can acquire from decrypting memories (caps at 20,000 power). Defense generally has a larger effect on power than attack, hence why riot/oracle sets will give more power than fighter/slayer sets.

Formula for power: (credits to Zzck)
Hero Power = ROUND(Primary Weapon Base Atk * (atk% perk + 100) / 100) + ROUND(Total of All Base Def * (def% perk + 100) / 100) + Level + 105(If you have battled once, if not don't add 105)

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