End of Battle Screenshot
Information on what you see on your screen upon the completion of a fight. Specific values will be different based on your own hero configuration.

1. Loot dropped from being the player to kill the enemy.
2. XP earned from the killing blow.
3. Drachma earned from the killing blow.
4. Location points earned from completing fight. (See Wiki) Location Points
5. Total statistics from the fight as a whole.
6. This should only appear if you are inflicted with a status effect AND have a Remedy in your inventory. (See Wiki) Status Effects
7. Total drachma in stock.
8. Total location points earned.
9. Total Ancient Coins in stock.
10. Total Vanguard Marks in stock.

Additionally see Currencies for more information regarding 7, 9 and 10.

Depending on platform, mobile app users may not see 7-10 on their battle completion screen.

Wiki article courtesy of: Ryanseaman40

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