Gear Leveling
What is gear leveling?
Gear leveling is an endgame mechanic after you reach level 99 on a hero. Once you attain level 99, your gear will begin to accrue experience, the levels following the same curve as the hero and gear XP table.

Once an individual piece of YELLOW gear reaches level 99, it will become Onyx Tier (All other rarities can reach level 99, but do not become Onyx pieces).

This will allow a piece of gear to go from a maximum of 100 to 200 infusions, and grant access to Astral Plane. As gear increases in level, it will increase the base stat of that gear by 1 (weapon damage for guns, base armor for armor). Once attaining level 99, this increase is doubled, which makes an Onyx piece extremely strong.

How does Gear XP work
From Battles
Gear XP works by taking the Hero XP gained and dividing it by 8888, then taking the damage dealt to the enemy and dividing it by 8888, then taking the damage received from the enemy and lastly the poison damage received from poison, THEN all added together and divided by 4. Take special note that all of these parts have a round function applied. To put it in a simpler form:

Round[{(Round(HeroXpReceived/8888) + Round(DamageDealt/8888) + Round(DamageReceived) + Round(PoisonDamage)}/4)*(Non-Onyx Pieces/8)*(1+(0.05*AP Area Number))] = Total Gear exp

Note: Take number of non-onyx pieces to be 8 for both 0 and 1 onyx pieces equipped. Use 0 as AP Area Number outside of AP.

Total Gear exp is equally divided amongst the gear you currently have equipped.

A final way for gear to get more experience is using the gear transposition shop on the Acropolis. This works by taking 1% of your hero xp or drachma, and sends 1/8888 for XP and 1/13333 for drachma of that number into your gear (a piece of your choosing). This process is free for the first transpose every day, and increases by 10 AC each time after.

Total AC spent in a day = n*(n-1)*5

The formula for gear XP transposed is as shown here:
(a*(1-0.99^n))/8888-XP transpose
(a*(1-0.99^n))/13333-Drach transpose

a = inital hero xp/drachma
n = number of transposes
Result = amount of gear xp gained

    1. Crazy tapper bike doubles both gear XP gained from battle as well as transposes.

Gear XP Calculators
Here are two gear xp calculators that will tell you how many days it will take to get one piece of gear to Onyx based on your average XP gains.
Thanks to Forcepath and Zzck for making these!

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