Gear lvling
Please note that currently Gear lvling is very new and is subject to change, and the information on this page may change a lot as a result.

The gear you have equipped can now earn XP and lvl up, increasing the base stat of the weapon. Gear can lvl up to lvl 99, and follows the same curve as hero lvling XP does (2 billion gear XP to get to gear lvl 99). This applies to gear of all rarities, and once they reach the max lvl they will transform into a special new rarity (still in the works, currently only godly gear becoming onyx gear at lvl 99 has been implemented).

The way gear XP works is that 1/8888 of the hero XP you earn by playing goes into a piece of gear (essentially 1/71,104 of your XP goes into all of your gear since it's split between 8 gear slots), meaning you require 17.776 trillion hero XP to get one piece of gear to lvl 99, and 142.208 trillion hero XP to get a full set of gear to lvl 99 (currently this applies to gear of all rarities but may be changed for non-godly gear to make the requirement lower, this XP amount will likely remain the same for godly gear however).

Weapons will gain slightly more XP based on dmg dealt (currently not implemented properly) and armor will gain slightly more XP based on dmg taken, which is calculated after defense is taken into account, requiring you to take more than 1 dmg per hit to see the benefits (this is currently implemented).

The benefits to lvling up gear are that each lvl increases the base stat on that piece of gear by 1, and once godly gear reaches lvl 99 and becomes onyx that bonus gets doubled, so you end up with +198 to the base stat on your gear, making it considerably more powerful.

The other method of lvling up your gear is Transposing XP or drachma, which pumps 1% of your total hero XP/drachma into a single piece of gear of your choice. You get one free transposition per day, and after that the price goes up by 10 AC each time (10, 20, 30 etc). This price resets at midnight server time (CST). This method will likely only be viable for veteran players with lots of AC and hero XP already saved up, but will considerably speed up the grind if you have enough XP since you are able to focus your XP into select pieces of gear instead of it being shared around.

Here is a gear xp calculator that will tell you how many days it will take to get one piece of gear to Onyx based on your average XP gains. Thank you to Forcepath for creating this! :)

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