Hero Shops
Note that this page contains tips for what sort of gear is recommended to sell for each rarity (which can also be used as outlines for what to look to buy). There may be exceptions to these tips but for the most part they cover a bulk of good gear to sell/buy.

First to start a shop you need to be lvl 99 and pay 250 AC as an opening cost. There is a 10% tax on any purchases made (paid by the seller) so you will earn 90% of what you see the item for (e.g. if you sell a piece of gear for 200 AC, you'll get 180 AC for it).

To buy from Hero Shops you have to reach lvl 99 on your first hero, which will also unlock Hero Shops at any lvl for any additional heroes you create.

White (Common) Gear:

Sets: Any, preferably RIOT/FIGHTER (although sets barely make a difference on gear till blues, see Gear Sets)

Perks: Either ATK% or DEF%, possibly XP% as well (but ATK% and DEF% are generally more useful in the early game where white gear will be most commonly used)

Stats: Should have all perks above 100% as a bare minimum, anything below that isn't worth selling

Price: Always min price (5 AC), there is no reason for white gear to cost any more than this (even with infusions).

Green (Uncommon) Gear:

Sets: Any, preferably RIOT/FIGHTER/SCHOLAR

Perks: Must have either ATK%/DEF%, ATK%/XP% or DEF%/XP% (generally ATK%/DEF% is the most useful for early game titan farming)

Stats: All perks should be above 100% as a bare minimum, preferably 110%+

Price: Always min price (25 AC).

Blue (Rare) Gear:


Perks: Either ATK%/DEF%/XP%/CR% or HP%/ATK%/DEF%/XP% (ATK%/DEF%/XP% is a must since they are the core perks of the game when lvling, the other perk can be whatever but HP% and CR% are the best choices)

Stats: All perks should be above 110%, preferably above 115%

Price: Always min price (50 AC)

Purple (Legendary) Gear:

Note that I do not recommend selling/buying purple gear, not because they're bad but because they are only a marginal increase over blue gear but double the price.


Perks: Optimal roll would be HP%/ATK%/DEF%/XP%/D%/CR%, the HP%/ATK%/DEF%/XP%/CR% combo is necessary and the last perk can be anything, but D% is the best choice for it

Stats: All perks should be 115% or above, preferably 120%+

Price: Always min price (100 AC)

Red (Triumphant) Gear:

Sets: Any (but it must have a set), preferably RIOT/FIGHTER/THIEF as SCHOLAR will become useless at lvl 99

Perks: Doesn't matter since it has all 8 perks

Stats: All 120%+ as a bare minimum, preferably 125%+

Price: Almost always min price (200 AC) unless max infused with base stat or ATK% or DEF%, in which case price might be reasonable up to 250 AC

Yellow (Godly) Gear:

Sets: SLAYER or ORACLE only, any other set is worthless

Perks: Doesn't matter since it has all 8 perks

Stats: All 140%+ preferably, if possible buy from players with high Decode Rank and the Terry Bobblehead (you can find players with max DR by clicking on the triumph for it at Achievements) since the price is high enough that you should be getting gear to last you for a very long time. Max stats on godly gear at max DR are as follows (for reference when purchasing):

Primary - 253

Special - 279

Heavy - 434

Armor - 234

Perks - 148%

Price: Preferably min price (350 AC) unless considerably infused with base stat or ATK% or DEF% (50 infs or more, in which case the price can be justified between 400-600 AC (400 AC for 50 infs, 600 AC for 100 infs) due to the quite expensive infusion costs)

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