Infusion and Materials Guide
One of the most frequently asked questions in TitanConquest is, "What are infusion materials for?"

The answer is to perform infusions on your gear (weapon/armor/class item).

So what exactly are infusions?

Infusions are upgrades to your gear. They boost the stats/perks on your gear by 1 per infusion. They are crucial in the endgame.

There are 9 different possible infusions that can be performed on your gear: Attack (weapons), Defense (gear/class item), and the corresponding % stats that the gear already has.

Requirements for Infusion

Infusions Materials


An equipped Weapon/Armor/Class Item (not maxed on infusions)

Preparing for Infusions

Before you can begin infusions, you would need to collect the required infusion materials for the infusion that you would to perform.

You also would want to make sure that you have enough drachma to perform the infusion(s).

Infusion Materials Needed
Stat Materials
Attack Copper, Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold
Defense Copper, Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold
% Attack Copper, Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold
% Defense Copper, Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold
% HP Copper, Iron, Bronze
% LP Copper, Iron, Bronze
% XP Copper, Iron, Bronze
% Drachma Copper, Iron
% Crit Bronze, Silver, Gold
% Evade Bronze, Silver, Gold

How Do I Get Infusion Materials?

There are 5 ways you can get infusion materials:

-Killing monsters on the planet that the infusion material drops.*

-Dismantling equipment-25% of materials infused back (doesn't work on community infusions) If you have any more questions about this, ask Snebbers, he loves questions. Good find Snebs!

-Chests / Material Caches

-Mission Reward

-Hourly Reward

*Copper = Earth | Iron = Venus | Bronze = Mars

Silver = Moon | Gold = Saturn

** Which MO enemies drop which materials

Caved = Copper | Nessus = Silver | Keres = Iron | Centaur = Bronze | Ladon = Random (including Gold)

Performing Infusions

To begin, navigate to the change weapon/armor page.

Navigating to the change weapon page

Click on the INF button on the right hand side of the equipment that you wish to infuse. This will bring you to the infusion screen.

Choose the infusion that you would like to perform and hit the 'Yes' confirmation button.


What is the max number of infusions?

The max number of infusions varies depending on the rarity of the gear.
White = 10 | Green = 15 | Blue = 20 | Purple = 30 | Red = 50 | Yellow = 100

How do I perform infusions on mobile/tablet?

Getting to the infusion screen is slightly different. At the equipped gear, swipe left from the right side to show the infusion option.

What are community infusions?

Community infusions are infusions that a piece of gear will share with every player that owns the same piece of gear. These gears are generally those that are bought from vendors in the Acropolis.
i.e: infusing a bike bought from Borgen will give the infusion to all players that bought the same bike.

When should I start infusions?

I don't recommend infusing gear until at least 99, if not later.
This is because there materials (especially gold) can be very valuable and are essential in the endgame, and in the early to mid game it is much harder to grind masses of materials. Gear you decode and gear bought from vendors and Hero Shops should be able to last you to at least 99. The Underworld is the first big jump in damage dealt towards you, and defense is crucial to staying alive. If you are struggling to stay alive, infusions to defense on your armor can be very helpful, however chances are that you will not have enough resources to perform many infusions.

In the endgame, infusions are key to getting more powerful. If you want to get as much damage as possible I recommend infusing attack on your primary weapon, and % attack on all other pieces of gear. If you want to go for maximum survivability, i recommend infusing defense on all armor pieces and % defense on weapons, however i also recommend infusing some attack on your primary weapon otherwise you may struggle to deal enough damage to kill endgame enemies in a reasonable amount of time.

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