Kratos Farming
Kratos farming is the opposite of Titan Farming. Instead of wanting to maximize the amount of damage you do to a Titan (as XP/Drachma gains scale based on damage done to a Titan), you want a weak primary weapon to constantly hit the same high-leveled normal mob. Generally, this strategy becomes viable once you reach Mercury, as there and beyond the normal enemies start to give a lot more XP/Drachma per hit than previous planets. The strategy is named after the starter Kratos weapon, as it is very weak and perfect for this strategy.

It is generally faster for XP/Drachma gains than farming Titans until you reach Mount Olympus, but there is an opportunity cost that comes with it. Since you are not killing many enemies (or none at all), you will not get item drops and you will also miss out on LP. However, this is the best method for grinding out Drachma after reaching level 99, as the ships to the Underworld and Mount Olympus are quite expensive for that stage in the game, and this strategy minimizes the amount of time needing to look for Titans or selecting a different enemy. Just keep in mind that the Throne Room in Mount Olympus requires 50,000,000 (50 million) LP to access, so try not to exclusively rely on Kratos farming the whole way.

For this to be the most effective, a Triumphant (red) Thief set is the best, as it gives you lots of bonus Drachma. Bonus tip: The Vanguard Quartermaster sells a red Thief Kratos that is perfect for this. Ideally, you also want high def% to survive the enemies, and as low of an atk% as possible. Additionally, try to aim for a high Drachma%, and if you can afford it, infuse Drachma% on your gear. For added gains, use the Enrage bike or berserker charms to double your gains.

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