List of Enemy Locations
List of Non-Titan Enemies

Data for the list is collected by combining enemy cards of top 5 players (2021/09/13) at "Leaderboards > Cards", excluding titans. (For Titan locations: List of Titan Locations)

EarthNymph AshArgus BeastNoble Scout
Nymph BlackArgus Bleak
Nymph FirstArgus Champ
Nymph LeaderArgus Null
Nymph SeekerArgus Wizard
Nymph Thief
Underworld / New AgoraPhoenix AcolyteSplicer Captain
Phoenix KnightSplicer Scout
Phoenix OgreSplicer Servitor
Phoenix ThrallSplicer Shank
Phoenix WizardSplicer Vandal
MoonPython AshChiron Ash
Python BlackChiron Black
Python KnightChiron Leader
Python MasterChiron Seeker
Python SeekerChiron Thief
Python Wizard
VenusTalos CorrectiveWinter Captain
Talos CyclopsWinter Dreg
Talos GoblinWinter Servitor
Talos HarpyWinter Shank
Talos HobgoblinWinter Vandal
Talos Hydra
Talos Minotaur
Talos Protective
MarsVirgo CyclopsLegion CenturionWolf Ash
Virgo GoblinLegion ColossusWolf Black
Virgo HarpyLegion GoldWolf Leader
Virgo HobgoblinLegion PhalanxWolf Seeker
Virgo HydraLegion UnitWolf Thief
Virgo Minotaur
The ConsumedChimaera AcolyteDivisive CyclopsWolf Ash
Chimaera CaptainDivisive GoblinWolf Black
Chimaera CenturionDivisive HarpyWolf Leader
Chimaera GoblinDivisive HobgoblinWolf Seeker
Chimaera HobgoblinDivisive HydraWolf Thief
Chimaera KnightDivisive Minotaur
Chimaera Minotaur
Chimaera Phalanx
Chimaera Psion
Chimaera Thrall
Chimaera Vandal
Chimaera Wizard
SaturnChimaera AcolyteAscendant AcolyteSilenus Centurion
Chimaera CaptainAscendant KnightSilenus Colossus
Chimaera CenturionAscendant OgreSilenus Legionary
Chimaera GoblinAscendant ShriekerSilenus Phalanx
Chimaera HobgoblinAscendant ThrallSilenus Psion
Chimaera KnightAscendant Wizard
Chimaera Minotaur
Chimaera Phalanx
Chimaera Psion
Chimaera Thrall
Chimaera Vandal
Chimaera Wizard
PhobosChiron AcolyteCentaur DancerSand Eaters
Chiron CaptainCentaur FlyerSkyburners
Chiron CenturionCentaur Giant
Chiron GoblinCentaur Legion
Chiron Hobgoblin
Chiron Knight
Chiron Minotaur
Chiron Phalanx
Chiron Psion
Chiron Thrall
Chiron Vandal
Chiron Wizard
MercuryAphix CyclopsSol DivisiveDescendants
Aphix GoblinSol ProgenyPrecursors
Aphix Harpy
Aphix Hobgoblin
Aphix Hydra
Aphix Minotaur
The Black WarLadon Acolyte
Ladon Captain
Ladon Centurion
Ladon Goblin
Ladon Hobgoblin
Ladon Knight
Ladon Minotaur
Ladon Phalanx
Ladon Psion
Ladon Thrall
Ladon Vandal
Ladon Wizard
Mount OlympusCaved Champion
Centaur Champion
Keres Champion
Ladon Champion
Nessus Champion
Single LocationNessus EyesEarth > Luna Complex
Nessus HandEarth > Sol Complex
Nessus HeartEarth > Refinery
Nessus WitchMoon > The World's End
Randal the VandalEarth > Forgotten Ridge
Arena EnemiesMoon > Dark Arena
Random LocationSacred Bear
Sacred Boar
Sacred Elephant
Sacred Lion
Sacred Owl
Sacred Rhino

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