List of Stories
The Acropolis:
A Stranger
Hero Training I
Hero Training II (lvl 2)
Abandoned Satellite Station (lvl 40)
Hero Training III (lvl 5)
The Acropolis Zoo (lvl 5)

Earth > Erechtheion:
Poseidons Mark (lvl 50)

Earth > Sol Complex:
Complex Data Terminal (lvl 10)

Earth > The Docks:
Cloaked Figure

Earth > Factory Yard:
Broken Machine

Moon > Shrine of Zeus
Under Zeus Throne (lvl 10)

Venus > Ember Caves
Shipwrecked (lvl 30)

Mars > Scarlands
Incoming Transmission

Earth > The Underworld > Lord's Watch
Deaths Door (lvl 99 and Neophoenix ship to UW)
*(Yes, it is Death's Door, but wiki pages can't have punctuation in their titles)

Saturn > Hall of Souls:
Lunch with the Chat Titan (lvl 40)

Mount Olympus > Realm of Glass:
The Omega Syndicate and The Kronos Labyrinth (lvl 99 and have 100+ Shards of Zeus)

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