List of Titan Locations
List of Fixed, Roaming and N/A Non-PE Titans

Fixed Titans have a fixed location and will keep respawning there. Roaming Titans belong to a planet but they can randomly spawn in any location of that planet.

Hint: Even though Earth > Gold's Watch has 3 and Moon > Traitor's Snare has 2 fixed titans, for AC Farming (or any other grind that requires more titan spawns), Traitor's Snare (or Shrine of Zeus or The Quiet) is still as good as (if not better than) Gold's Watch because of the Roaming Titans that will spawn there.

For non-titan enemy locations: List of Enemy Locations

Greece Sanctuary
The AcropolisAcropolis Sentinel
Gaea Vastlands
RefineryClymene III
Sol ComplexAtlas III
The DocksAstraeus I
The GrottosDemeter I
The Last Mistake
The BreachAsteria II
Forgotten Ridge
Sky Bridge
Factory Yard
Athena's LairAstraeus III
Luna ComplexCoeus I
The Depth
Gold's WatchCronus IIDemeter IISelene II
South Pole Research Station
Lord's Watch
Foundry 113
Giant's Husk
Doomed Sea
The Warrens
Site 6Eurynome II
Server FarmMnemosyne II
The Archon's Keep
Forgotten PassEurybia III
Bunker TriglavHyperion I
Splicer BatteryPerses III
Archon's ForgeEurynome IEurynome IIIOphion IIOphion IIIPallas II
Splicer's DenIapetus I
New Agora
Harpy Nest
Prison of the Titans
Elysium Fields
Cocytus River
Isles of the Blessed
Devils LairHyperion II
Coeus IICronus IIISelene IIIThea III
Kilvarus Ocean
Archer's Divide
Spectre of Light
Hades GapCoeus II
The GuardhouseDionysus II
Circle of StonesAsteria III
Banishment Pits
The QuietAtlas IIThemis I
Shards Throne
Shrine of ZeusStyx IIThemis III
Hall of Wisdom
The World's EndAtlas I
Traitor's SnarePrometheus IRhea I
Dark Arena
Iron Arena
Tyro Domain
Shattered Coast
Ishtar CliffsCoeus III
Waking Ruins
The Citadel
Ember CavesRhea II
Winter's LairEos II
Endless StepsClymene I
Ishtar Commons
Wintership FellThemis II
Winter's RunClymene II
Echo ChamberDionysus III
Waring Zone
The BarrensPrometheus II
The Hollows
Fortress Velix
External Wastes
The Underground City
Ichor Dome
Phorcys Junction
The KeepPrometheus III
Dark Palace
The Consumed
Mist Gardens
Portal Breach
Pathways of the GardenStyx III
Necropolis of the Divisive
Crypt of the Undying
Vault of the ProgenyCoeus III
Shrine of the Black HeartDemeter III
Altar of CairosThea I
MixwayThea II
The Hanging RedTethys I
Court of the DamnedAsteria IAstraeus II
The BridgeRhea III
Anteros VI
The North GateDionysus I
Hull BreachCronus I
The FountainTethys III
Hall of SoulsTethys II
The Asylum
Cellar of Nessus
ThresholdEos IPhoebe I
RoamingSelene IStyx I
Fortress Kratos
Gray Shield
Stonebase Epsilon
Firebane KeepEos III
AerodromePhoebe III
RoamingEpimetheus II
Archimos Ruins
Arion SpiresEpimetheus III
VertigoPerses II
Glass Sands
Glass Hills
Shimmering Sea
Ladon Basin
The Black War
RoamingMnemosyne IPallas III
Realm of the Last
Ascendant AltarPallas I
Ascendant AsylumOphion I
Ascendant BasilicaIapetus II
Ascendant CourtEurybia I
Ascendant CryptsOceanus I
Ascendant HallEurybia II
Mount Olympus
RoamingCoeus IICronus IIIEpimetheus IIMnemosyne IPallas III
Selene ISelene IIIStyx IThea III
Complex of Champions
Proctor SummitLelantos ILelantos IIMenoetius IIOceanus III
Proctor Suite BetaIapetus IIIMenoetius IMetis III
Meditation ChamberLelantos IIIMetis IOceanus II
Armaskin RepoMetis II
Realm of Glass
Throne RoomHyperion IIIMnemosyne IIIShadow ZeusZeus
Astral Plane
Realm of Gods
Soul AwakenKratos
Soul DestoryFallen Angel
Soul CorruptOmni Wave
Soul ReverseOmega Black
Soul CombineDark Wave
Soul MorphBlack Final
Soul DivideVoid Final
Soul SeparateMass Final
N/AChaos FallenFierce DeityPerses I
Santa ClausWar MechServer Hamster

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