Locked Chest Codes
Locked Chests are a unique type of story which involve inputting the correct code in order to open the chest and get some rewards. Below are the codes for all of the locked chests currently. If more chests are added I will be putting the codes on here about a week after I crack them (depending on if it has any extra mechanics or not).

Locked Chest 1 - Location: Sky Bridge > Earth

Locked Chest 2 - Location: Forgotten Ridge > Earth

Locked Chest 3 - Location: Circle of Stones > Moon

Locked Chest 4 - Location: Guardhouse > Moon

Locked Chest 5 - Location: External Wastes > Mars
*Ending 1:
SpoilerLook behind the chest > Open the panel > Connect the blue plug > Flip the switch > Look for a latch > 0XDP > QWTH > SS6V > 93HQ > Open the chest

*Ending 2:
SpoilerLook behind the chest > Activate the terminal > DATA DUMP > Take the memory card > Go back to sphere chest > Look for a latch > Insert memory stick

Locked Chest 10 - Location: Aerodrome, Phobos (lvl 80)

Strange Chest - Location: Ishtar Commons > Venus
(There is another Strange Chest at Ishtar Cliffs but that one does not require a code, instead it requires the reward from the Strange Chest at Ishtar Commons)
SpoilerBlue Red Red Yellow

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