Lunch with the Chat Titan
Location: Saturn > Hall of Souls
Requirement: Level 40
Gives: Trapper rifle to catch sacred companions

Final Answer:
Spoiler C T T H T A A I N

Hint 1
SpoilerNot everyone gets stabbed 23 times

Hint 2
SpoilerThe geometric figure is a simple 2D shape

Hint 3
Spoiler"How everything begins shall break this cage"

Hint 4
Spoiler"Everything is opposite to what you had in mind"

Hints 1 and 2 give you the technique needed to solve the riddle. Another hint for this would be
Spoiler Scissor*Scissor

Hint 3 tells you which letters to use.

Hint 4 tells you what you need to do to the answer thusfar to get the final answer

Harder Method:
Solving Hints 1-4:
SpoilerHint 1 - Caesar
Hint 2 - Square
Hint 3 - First letter of ingredients
Hint 4 - Reverse your answer

Hint 1 and 2 together would be Scissor*Scissor = Scissor^2= Caesar Square

So basically, place the first letters of the ingredients in a Caesar Square/Box (write the letters in a 3x3 format row-wise and then read it column-wise), and reverse it to get the final answer

Visual aid:
SpoilerCaesar Square:
.I. T T

Easier method (Alternate method):
Spoiler "How everything begins shall break this cage"

Did you try using the 1st letter of each of the 1st 3 lines of each of the 3 riddles ?

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