Hi, welcome to Titan Conquest. Not sure what to do next? Let's talk about the progression milestones of TC, and what you may expect on each milestone. Nothing here is absolutely required, this is just a suggestion on some steps to take in becoming a God. Always feel free to play how you would like to!

First Steps:

You're new to the game. You've picked up your first weapon and starter set of gear and killed some enemies. Start to get a feel for what's available at the Acropolis and in the universe.

• Use items often
• Level up and advance planets
• Purchase a bike from the Shipwright
• Complete stories
• Decode better gear

Helpful Wiki Pages:
Tips and Tricks
List of Stories

Early Game:

You did it, you got some levels! Keep plugging away, your first goals are going to be to join a clan, start accumulating clan points for that sweet red clan gear at level 75, and getting to level 99. Don't worry if you can't get the clan gear until later, that's going to be an early milestone for you!

• Join a clan
• Grind clan marks
• Get to level 99
• Get a full red set (ideally clan gear)

Helpful Wiki Pages:
Gear Sets

Early-Mid Game:

Congratulations! You're level 99, and you've got a clan set! What next? You're going to be focusing pretty hard on drachma for a little while. Hopefully you've gotten a nice set of gear to keep you alive in The Black War. You're next going to be shooting for two new goals - the ships to Underworld (UW) and eventually Mount Olympus (MO). Now that you've hit level 99, Hero Shops are available to you, but I would caution you save that precious AC - you'll need it later.

• 10 billion drachma for Underworld
• 75 billion drachma for Mount Olympus
• Save AC for your first B‌orgen bike purchase
• Collect Bobbleheads

Helpful Wiki Pages:


You've made it to MO! TC's goals become a lot less defined from here, which is great, but also means you have a plethora of things to do. Let's talk about the various options for you as a player that has reached MO, and what's in store for you.

• Max out Cores
• Increase Decode Rank
• Gather Infusion materials
• Decode or Purchase set of Godly gear
• Save AC for Borgen gear
• Triumphs / Achievements

Helpful Wiki Pages:
Decoding / Power
Infusion and Materials Guide


Alright, you wanted to be God-tier, let's talk about it. Here's the stuff you're gonna want to have *before* you start this grind.

From Borgen:
Absolute minimum: Crazy Tapper bike - gives you 2x xp on gear transfusions. Cuts your time in half - after the removal of the chance to lose gear XP, there's little reason not to wear this while grinding for gear xp!
Barely more than the minimum: Thunderbolt of Zeus - why not have a godly weapon when you go godly? Highest DPS weapon in the game. You really do want this, it's much more damage than any max dr slayer item and will greatly increase your xp grinding gains.
Here for the long haul: Peleus - you can use your boosters with Peleus for some extra spicy gains, but it's not imperative to have this weapon. Currently the recommended weapon for grinding Zeus due to the 10% increased xp/drach for using a heavy.
Long Haul and Dominate Clan Control: Get you that Golden Bow!

Extras - Ruiner poisons you, but gives you 25% increased gains, but you gotta micromanage your HP - up to you really.
- Enrage bike enrages your enemy, but gives you double xp. You're gonna die a lot, but it's really good. Typically someone is running this at MO. Make sure you say thanks, or run it yourself for everyone!
- Visions of homer: great choice until you have crazy tapper

Non-Borgen goals
Max Decode Rank of your chosen set - infused as best you can. Listen, I don't even have max infusions yet, but the more you can get, the better.
Max Cores: don't sleep on this!!! 1000% extra XP/Def/Atk/HP/Evade/Crit is *really* good. Get after it! Seriously don't ignore this! *************
A healthy mindset: this grind is not fast - you cannot fast track it beyond preparing yourself with all of the steps above. It's really easy to burn yourself out, so pace yourself. This game is 100% a marathon, and this grind is the most intense of them all.

Huge credits to Forcepath for helping with this page. :)

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[] Warspite says:

[] Blurt In says:
A very neat, incredibly helpful page! Thank you for the work :)

[] Zurs says:
If Muse does something, no one can do it better :)

[] Forcepath says:
The meta has changed a decent amount since i wrote up the original draft.

Recommend vision of homer for early xp farming for Onyx set, but once defense is high enough, enrage bike is king. Recommend Coin Bike if you're going to grind for AC to buy set items/borgen items. Recommend item bike if you're looking to max dr/get triumphs/max cores.

Recommend Peleus and TBoZ for grinding Zeus - Peleus is "better" due to the increased XP from heavy attacks, and more damage per click before dying due to enrage farming. TBoZ deals damage "faster" but at a higher risk of dying before getting a lot of hits on Zeus. Since Zeus is a limited resource, the higher your uptime on Zeus, the better, thus Peleus is likely better for Zeus farming if you're at all time limited. Plus a lot easier on the wrist/thumb.

You can now grind with enraging Zeus and then swap to Crazy Tapper for extreme gains, but tedious and can be completely worthless if others are running enrage null.

Recommend transposing to TBOZ first, as you'll swap to primary spam once getting to AP.

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