Missions are goals set by the game to give the player something to grind for and reward them for it. Missions reward the player with one VM and one additional item, and they are the main way of farming for VM (a strategy for that is given below).

There are 13 different types of missions:

Battles : Complete X amount of battles (any attack against an enemy counts as a battle, take cover and missed attacks count as well)

Kills : Kill X amount of enemies (chests count as well)

Break Shields : Break the shields on X amount of enemies (deal enough damage to remove the blue shield from an enemy and be able to start attacking their red health, one-shotting the enemy through their shield still counts)

Damage : Deal X amount of damage to an enemy

XP : Earn X amount of XP

Drachma : Earn X amount of Drachma

LP : Earn X amount of Location Points

Chests : Open 1 chest

Titans : Kill 1 titan

Use Items : Use X amount of items at "My Inventory"

Sell Items : Sell X amount of items at "My Inventory"

Decodes : Decode X amount of memories

Dismantles : Dismantle X amount of gear

The amount (X) required is determined by how much of that you have done on the day, it’ll ask you to do 25% (1/4) of your total of that for the day so far. E.g. if you do 10,000 battles, your mission will ask you to do ~2,500 battles. This scaling is reset at midnight server time daily (midnight CST). If you get a mission you don’t want to do and want to skip it you can do so by paying AC (price starts at 1 AC, goes up by 1 AC each time you skip a mission, price resets at midnight daily).

Mission Farming Strategy (Note that this does require the player to have a stockpile of items and memories to be able to effectively use this strategy, hence it is more suited for more experienced players):

First you will need to wait till the missions reset to be able to effectively farm them. Then you need to go to the Codebreaker and decode 1 memory (to trigger the decodes mission, any rarity will do, I recommend white (common) memories as they are by far the easiest to grind and hoard) and do NOT dismantle this piece of gear (as it will trigger the XP mission and mess everything up). Next you will want to sell 1 minisphere (to trigger the sell items and drachma missions) and then use either a heavy ammo item, a special ammo item or a core (to trigger the use items mission without triggering the XP/LP missions or causing the drachma mission to scale more). You will then be able to get decode, use item, sell item, drachma, chest or titan missions. Keep on completing these missions to get heaps of VM and make sure to skip any chest or titan missions (as they will trigger your XP, LP, battles and kills missions).

Make sure not to go all out on one day and run out of memories or items, it’s important to pace yourself daily to be able to consistently complete a lot of missions daily and get lots of VM.

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