New Player Tips
If you sit in Global Chat long enough, you see a lot of the same questions. This page is an attempt to capture answers to those questions. As a member of the Welcome Crew, it's important to be as helpful as possible to new players, so I wrote these tips with the intent to COPY & PASTE into Global Chat as needed.

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Generic Welcome

Welcome new players! Be sure to visit these links —-> Welcome, Wiki, Tips and Tricks, and New Player Tips. All are great sources of information to get you started. Also, Feel free to ask questions if you have them! Happy clicking! Oh, also if you write a review we'll upgrade your account... check out Supporter Status for details.

Joining During Clan Control

If you’re a new player, you’re catching us in the middle of a 3-day Clan Control! The monthly Clan Control is when all the clans battle for control of various areas in the game. Although Global Chat appears to be unusually quiet, there is an enormous amount of activity in the actual game areas!

New Player Tips – Just Copy and Paste in Global Chat


New Player Tip: Here's the basic idea... 1) Kill everything. 2) Get memories and decode those memories. 3) Get gear from memories. 4) Equip better gear to be stronger. Dismantle weaker gear for XP. 4) Go to the next planet to fight stronger enemies. 5) Repeat.

New Player Tip: What's the long game? 1) Get to Level 99. 2) Get to Mount Olympus and Kill Zeus. 3) Onyx your gear and get to the Astral Plane. 4) Kill Kratos and be a God!

New Player Tip: The Daimona Lyssa is a bike that can cut your grind by half by enraging the enemy and doubling XP and Drachma gains. Just make sure you're thick enough to take those meaty slaps and backhands, because an enraged enemy hits back hard. Very hard. Like death hard. (Credit: Grim Lord)

New Player Tip: If you write an iOS or Android review for Titan Conquest, a Welcome Crew member can give you “Supporter Status”. With this status you’ll be able to change the color of your name, add a bio to your profile, and also receive 50% off of customizing heroes. Check out Supporter Status for details.

New Player Tip: When using the items in in your inventory, did you know that instead of using all your items you can specify an exact amount. At the top of the inventory list, on the right side is a number 1. Edit that number and hit the "Some" button. You're office to the races... no more wasting inventory items. (Credit: Grim Lord)

New Player Tip: When battling a Public Event (PE) Titan, when you are hit for a crit, don't try healing yourself. Instead try to click: my clan -> home -> go back to zone PE is in -> kill a single mob enemy to regain health -> return to PE. Your health is full! It's a ton faster! (Credit: Amun-Ra)

New Player Tip: Accumulated condensation rules the land. He has quite the gentle voice, but a hammer for a hand. Break the Code of Conduct and the ban hammer you will find… Fits a little snug, as it’s buried in your behind.

New Player Tip: Drachma accumulates quickly. AC accumulates slowly. Save your AC (lots of it!) to buy special, unique, and incredibly useful hero gear!

New Player Tip: Be sure to save your Ghost Cloaks for fighting Kratos. You'll need a lot of them, 75+. They're hard to come by, but they will make your ascension to God Tier so much easier. (Credit: Grim Lord)

New player Tip: Is your game speed a bit slow? Go to Settings and turn off the spin loader! Don't forget to hit save! (Credit Cloud)

New Player Tip: By joining a clan (once you’re level 10), you earn Clan Marks with every enemy kill. Clan Marks are used in the Clan Store to buy powerful hero gear! By the way, Clan gear is also the easiest way to achieve the Fully Matching Set triumph.

New Player Tip: Completing stories are a great way (sometimes the only way) to earn emblems, drachma, AC, and even unique powerful weapons. Stories are found by selecting ‘Explore this Area’ from the lower menu. Uncompleted stories are also identified by a ‘book icon’ next to a location.

New Player Tip: To capture Sacred Animals you’re going to need the Trapper Rifle. Check out this link for details. --> Lunch with the Chat Titan

New Player Tip: To patrol the Acropolis itself, you need to select Earth->Greece Sanctuary->The Acropolis, scroll down and select ‘Go to Cards’, scroll down again and select ‘Go Patrol’. What’s life without a little adventure.

New Player Tip: Bobbleheads are only won by those who have triumphed over the tutorial... In other words you need to be Level 99! (Credit: Grim Lord)

New Player Tip: Poison Pills can give your attacks the touch of Midas' Hand by increasing your XP gains during attacks. Be careful though since Death's a gold digger. (Credit: Grim Lord)

New Player Tip: The Trident of Poseidon is a very powerful weapon available to you at Level 50 when you successfully complete the ‘Poseidons Mark‘ story located at: Earth > Gaea Vastlands > Erechtheion. Click this link for help to get this weapon: Poseidons Mark

New Player Tip: You should turn off auto decode whites/greens in your settings. You don't get Decode Rank (DR) points for memories auto decoded… decode them yourself! You’ll be Level 99 in no time!

New Player Tip: The Black Commissary (sometimes referred to as Borgen) is a special vendor in the Acropolis. The Black Commissary sells the most powerful bikes, weapons, and gear in the entire game but it’ll cost you AC. Keep an eye out for random sales to save big!

New Player Tip: The Code of Conduct is hugely important to ensure our community stays friendly, safe, and helpful. Be sure to review it and ask questions if you have them. :)

New Player Tip: Need to sell items? There’s a sell items button at the bottom of your inventory! As a matter of practice it’s usually best not to sell memories, they tend to me more valuable to you when they’re dismantled.

New Player Tip: Your primary weapon is fast and doesn’t need ammo, but it’s the weakest of weapons. Your special needs ammo, is a little slower, a little more powerful, and is great for breaking shields. Your heavy needs ammo too, is super powerful, and by far the slowest. It’s great for punching really hard!

New Player Tip: It’s possible to avenge yourself if you need too! Just wear weak armor, die in battle, change your armor back to something stronger, then go back and kill the same monster that just killed you. Boom! You’re an avenger, say hi to the Hulk for me!

New Player Tip: You can temporarily overload your HP by using an HP bike (Ex: The Meat Shield), killing a mob enemy, and then switching to your high damage bike. You'll get a temporary HP boost that is total money for fighting the super bad dudes. (Credit: Grim Lord)

New Player Tip: Interested in joining a clan? In the menu, click Leaderboards->Clan Points by Clan. The Clans are sorted by how active the clan is. Click each Clan name and read their descriptions. A clan has an opening if it has less than 20 players.

New Player Tip: In global chat, is your clan tag emoticon next to your name a solid color? That’s because in your settings you’re using a special effect to change the color of your name. Change your name color to a solid color and you’ll see a more traditional full color emoticon. (Credit: Amun-Ra)

New Player Tip: Equip a Hit Point (HP) based gear item to kill a mob enemy

New Player Tip: If you're working on a bounty, go to the bounty page and click on the bounty’s portrait (the image to the left of the description), scroll down and you’ll find the location where the bounty can be found at the bottom of the page.

New Player Tip: Names can only be changed every 30 days or so. Pick wisely, you’re going to be stuck with it for a month! (Credit: Thumb)

New Player Tip: Players cannot enrage Public Event (PE) Titans, or any otherwise spawned-in Titans. This is a common misconception. This includes with Berserker Charms or the enrage bike from Borgen. Enrages are random on PE Titans. (Credit: Thumb)

New Player Tip: To infuse your gear on mobile, try: Menu->My Gear->Change Equipped Weapon (or Armor). Press and hold an item and slide to the left. Be sure to also check out the wiki articles, Infusion Costs and Infusion and Materials Guide for best strategies.

New Player Tip: If you’re wearing the Helm of Darkness, you need to know that it causes blindness until you take it off. If you’re wearing Linus Sight, you need to know that it will prevent blindness until you take it off. Yeah, we all figured it out the hard way. [Credit: Thumb]

New Player Tip: The term Kratos Farming is used to describe an XP farming technique where you equip a low power Kratos Weapon and attack an enemy with high HP that also deals low damage to you. With every hit you make, you collect a large amount of XP, while taking little to no damage to yourself. This is a great way to get to Level 99 quickly. [Credit: Anorak]

New Player Tip: Need Arena Tokens? Every time you complete a bounty, you’re awarded an Arena Token! Go get you some.

New Player Tip: We know, it happens from time to time. You want to play this great text-based game but you absolutely refuse to read another word. It’s been a long day. No worries, we got your back bruh, I present to you: Video Tutorials

New Player Tip: The easiest way to blind yourself is to get the Helm of Darkness. Wearing the helmet will cause blindness for as long as you have the helmet equipped. Get the helmet by completing the story, Deaths Door located at Earth > The Underworld > Lord's Watch. Follow this link for tips on how to finish the story: Deaths Door (Credit: Cloud)

New Player Tip: Did you know it’s possible to cancel your boosters? Go to any area you like, scroll down to the bottom of the mob list and you will see the boosters that are currently active in the “Temporary Items in Use” box. Click the colored booster and it will cancel it. Works for Poison Pills too. (Credit: Amun-Ra, poor guy.)

New Player Tip: Did you know you only get one salute a day? Make sure to give a salute to the person you think makes the day better! (Credit: pure fire x2)

New Player Top: Getting bombarded with notifications from the postmaster? Check out your Settings and turn off notifications! Boom, no more interruptions... now get back to clicking! (Credit: SHovEL, just for Poyank.)

Tips That Make Me Chuckle

New Player Tip: Pick your socks up off the floor or no dessert and I mean it this time! (Credit: Given to Thumb, but it was really LawdNelson)

New Player Tip: Don’t go chasing waterfalls. Please, stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to. (Credit: Thumb and DagYo13… in a most magical duet.)

New Player Tip: Why so many hamsters? Click this link to learn what this game is really about. Welomce (Credit: Cloud)

New Player Tip: Don't let Pure Fire x2 avenge you. He'll never let you live it down. (Credit: Aldegar)

New Player Tip: You can "enrage" other players in chat by winning the lottery and then claiming it wasn't rigged. (Credit: Pathemer)

New Player Tip: Struggling with a tough foe? Remember, just keep your Health above 0 while lowering your enemies Health to 0. Works every time! (Credit: Ryanseaman40)

New Player Tip: Be prepared that when you're Level 99, It is quite possible that you will throw an embarrassing, absolutely unnecessary, totally ridiculous "blown out of proportion" tantrum if you are trying to get the Kari Bobble and only get dazed for two clicks. (Credit: Grim Lord, because Pheows is a big baby sometimes.)

New Player Tip: @Amun-Ra: is nice. Tell everyone.

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