Power Week
Get ready heroes for the first ever POWER WEEK! We will be doing two major things during this week to celebrate reaching 20,000 registered players. The first part is a boost to XP/Drachma gains for all heroes, so it will be a good week to get that 99 or the ship to Mount Olympus. The second part is a contest for the strongest heroes, but we are trying something new here.

50% more XP/Drachma per battle
Multiple Super Titans and Titan Rushes

READ THIS CAREFULLY: On Sunday May 3rd or Monday May 4th you can CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT and in the Acropolis you will be given the option to convert it to an event account. Event accounts are locked down to not allow you to purchase AC, join a clan or buy from hero shops. You also cant accept AC from other players or use the referral system.

Your goal, hero, is to become the strongest in Power by the end of the day Sunday May 10th and we have great prizes for the strongest heroes at that time. Here are the prizes divided into two tiers. Also, note that prizes will go to your main account and not this event account. Event accounts will be deleted after the event is over.


TIER 1: < Level 99
Top 3 get Godly Kratos and 3000 AC
4-10 in Power get 3000 AC each

Level 99 Tier Prizes
Top 3 in Power get Thunderbolt (Primary) OR Paleus Strike (Heavy) each and 5000 AC each
4-10 in Power get 5000 AC each

SECONDARY PRIZES EACH GET 1000 AC (Event accounts!)
- Most battles
- Most Unlocked Achievements
- Most bounties completed
- Most Missions completed
- Most Titans killed
- Reach level 99


- The Vanguard will be watching for cheating
- Any kind of advantage or loophole accidentally found will force your disqualification from the event
- Remember the Code of Conduct


Q: Will I be able to win against the old players that have seemingly endless resources of AC and drachma?
A: Yes! This event will be held on a new account, with no referrals or access to gift AC from main accounts.

Q: Will the prize be given to my event account or main account?
A: The prize will be placed on your main account. Please only make an event account to participate in this event as event accounts will be purged after event completion.

Q: Will Event Accounts be eligible for the Lottery?
A: No!

Q: Can I join my current clan with my event guardian?
A: No. Event accounts can not join clans.

Q: Can I get AC from referring my main account on my Event account?
A: No. Event accounts are not to use their referrals. Measures have been put into place to block this, but if those measures fail it is on the user to make sure they do not use their referral. Any event account that has used its referral will be disqualified from the event.

Staff Only Comments Allowed