Public Events
Public Events happen in a few ways.

There is a chance each hour at the top of the hour to see a strong PE Titan spawn that all players can attack (if they can get to the area where it spawns). This titan is stronger than regular titans and the top 10 players (based on damage) will be rewarded at the postmaster (in The Acropolis).

NOTE: Players cannot enrage Public Event Titans, or any otherwise spawned-in Titans. This is a common misconception. This includes with Berserker Charms or the enrage bike from Borgen. Enrages are random on PE Titans (aside from Super Hammy, which always enrages at 100m health until death).

Special Titans:

These Titans can only be spawned in by a Vanguard or if it is the scheduled time for it to spawn. (See Event Titan Schedule for more details.)

Super Titans
Super Titans spawn in every Wednesday at 7AM and 7PM Hammy Time. They take a while to bring down, but for every 100k damage done by a hero, a Red Memory will be rewarded. See Super Titan in Events for more information.

Core Titans
Core Titans are the rarest type of titan, spawning in only on the 1st and 15th day of every month, at 5AM and 5PM Hammy Time. They drop the coveted core items. For every 500k damage dealt, you will be awarded a core. See Core Titan in Events for more information.

Super Hammy
Super Hammy spawns in every Friday at 3AM and 3PM Hammy Time, and it drops Hamster Turds. For every 1 million damage dealt, you will receive 1 Hamster Turd. These are used to unlock a special color in Settings or the Hammius Bobblehead (Bobbleheads). For more information, see Super Hammy in Events.

Godly Titan
Spawns every Monday at 1AM and 1PM Hammy Time. To reach a Godly Titan, you must have the Lightseeker ship to visit Mount Olympus. It is identical to a Super Titan, but instead grants Yellow Memories for every 100k damage dealt. See Godly Titan in Events for more information.

Titan Rush
Titan Rushes are very rare, but end up being a hoard of Titans spawning all across the universe. The titans have memory drops and can be quite a bit stronger than regular Titans. See Titan Rush in Events for more information.

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