Sacred Companions
Sacred companions are pets/minions you can capture and which give you cool patrol effects and bonuses.

How do I get them?
First, you need to complete the Lunch with Chat Titan story from Hall of Souls, Saturn. Guide here -> Lunch with the Chat Titan. You get the trapper rifle from completing this.

Next, you need to attack the sacred companions with the trapper rifle. Once their health falls below 10%, the "primary attack" is replaced by the "Trap attack". This is just a visual change. On the killing blow (and only the killing bow), there is a 1/100 chance that you capture it, increased by 1% for every cards level you get on the sacred.

Sacred companions drop cores when killed.

Note: If you have the heavy and primary switched under settings, the trap option shows up on the heavy attack and NOT the primary attack.

What bonuses do they provide
The bonus and patrol effect is still a Work in Progress, but hey! you can still love the ones you trapped and as for the rest, you gotta catch them all!

Sacred Companion Leveling (w.e.f 9 April 2021)
- Under 'My Gear' you can 'Call' any of your Sacred Companions to follow you now.
- Once you have selected your Companion, in battle they will earn XP in a nearly identical fashion to Gear XP.
- Companion levels are shown on My Gear and Hero Profiles.
- So far, they still don't offer any perks or use, but they will in the next update. After they reach a certain level they will have actions you can call in Patrol that affect enemies in the zone, outside of battle. Stay tuned.

Sacred Companion Card Levels

If you want to see your Sacred Companion kill totals check the links below.

Sacred Bear card - [LINK]
Sacred Boar card - [LINK]
Sacred Elephant card - [LINK]
Sacred Lion card - [LINK]
Sacred Owl card - [LINK]
Sacred Rhino card - [LINK]

Companion Skills

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