Status Effects
Status effects (a.k.a SEs) are negative effects that hamper your hero in different ways to make fighting enemies much more difficult, however they do give more xp and drachma while inflicted with them, meaning that if you can handle them they can be somewhat beneficial.

The three SEs currently in the game are Blind, Dazed and Poisoned. Blind makes you have a very high chance of missing every attack, Dazed makes you unable to use anything other than your primary attack and Poisoned makes you lose 2.5% of your current hp each attack (note that it is your current hp and not your max hp, so the lower you go in hp, the less dmg you take per attack). Multiple SEs can stack at once and make it very difficult to survive, so be careful and make sure to keep an eye on whether or not you have any (it'll appear underneath your health bar in the top left when fighting an enemy).

The bonus to SEs is that you get +25% xp and drachma when inflicted, and it stacks with the amount of SEs you have, so you can get up to +75% xp and drachma per hit when inflicted with all 3, which can make them beneficial if you can manage them and stay alive.

Getting cured from SEs can be difficult at times, you have a chance to be cured of an SE every attack you make (Dazed has the highest chance to go away every hit, followed by Poisoned and lastly Blind) or you can use a remedy in battle to instantly cure yourself of all SEs you currently have. Remedies can be found by killing enemies, and they can be used by clicking the red heart icon at the top right of the screen (provided you have at least 1 remedy on you and are inflicted with a SE).

There are two ways currently to become immune to SEs, either use the respective bikes from Borgen which provide SE immunity (one bike per SE) or use the Linus Sight helmet (also from Borgen), which provides an immunity to Blind (which is generally considered the most annoying SE) and also has great stats.

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