Status Effects
Status Effects (SEs) are debuffs that you can get from fighting enemies which will appear under your health bar if you have any. They make it harder to survive but provide a +25% XP and Drachma boost for each active SE to make up for it.

There are currently 3 types of SEs:

Dazed – Prevents you from being able to use anything other than primary attacks

Poisoned – Deals 2.5% of your current HP in dmg every attack

Blind – Makes you much more likely to miss your attacks

There are 3 ways to cure SEs, they have a chance to automatically go away every attack (Dazed being the most likely to go away and Blind being the least likely), they can be manually cured in combat by using a Remedy (press the heart icon in the top right corner of the battle screen) or they will automatically go away if your Hero dies.

There are 2 ways to prevent SEs, use one of the 3 bikes from Borgen (400 AC each) which each protect against one, or use the Linus Sight helmet (also from Borgen, but for 1000 AC) which provides an immunity against Blind and has great stats.

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