The Acropolis Zoo
Location: The Acropolis
Requirement: Level 5

This story has no bad endings, only good ones. There are 11 possible endings, each giving a custom emblem. (The Emblems may give a hint on how to get the ending)

Car Bomber!
SpoilerThe emblem literally shows you how to get this one.

Fastest Man Alive
SpoilerAre you faster than a cheetah? Can you do it more than once?

Ghost Buster
SpoilerRuin the Lemurs's plans of escape

King Koi
SpoilerA Flamingo in the pond gives a hint on how to solve this one.

Master Detective
SpoilerUncover the roots of the plot to overtake the zoo

Mr. Do it all
SpoilerA bunch of random tasks, starting with counting the zebras.

Shoe Endorsement
SpoilerA long list of random things to do. To kick this one off, do the Koi eating puzzle, and always choose the first option, until choice 12. Then choose the fifth option. Then, try doing a bunch of random things at the zoo, some new options will open up.

SpoilerTell the administration about the crazy guy in the office.

Something Squirrely!
SpoilerQuirrels might like you if you eat some chocolate.

Until Next Time Space Cowboy
SpoilerHelp the Lemurs escape the zoo in true space cowboy fashion.

Zoo Attendee
SpoilerTalk a walk around at least 1 loop of the Zoo, then leave out the main gate

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