The Omega Syndicate and The Kronos Labyrinth
Location: Mount Olympus > Realm of Glass
Requirement: Level 99, Light Seeker Ship and 100+ Shards of Zeus

As the name suggests, this story is broken into two segments. The Omega Syndicate first and later The Kronos Labyrinth. This story is new enough that a full guide is not being given yet. However, here are a few tips here.

You must win the Card Game at the Big Table in the Gambling Hall, in order to start to unlock the secrets of the Omega Syndicate. To do this, you pick a random card to play from the 4 you are dealt. After 6 rounds, the score you get at the end will give you a clue on how many correct options you selected. Note, playing the game is not without risk, as getting 0 - 3 cards right will lead to an ending.

Points AwardedHow many Cards were correctConsequence of the result
0 points0 cards rightDead - Bad Ending
5 points1 cards rightDead - Bad Ending
15 points2 cards rightsFailure - Good Ending
20 points3 cards rightsFailure - Good Ending
30 points4 cards rightsNone
45 points5 cards rightsNone
Win by more than 30 points6 cards rightsUnlock the Omega Secret

Game Solution
HandCard 1Card 2Card 3Card 4
Hand 1MoonBlue MoonScotty Puff Jr.Riot Gear
Hand 2Scotty Puff Jr.MarsYellow MemoryMoon
Hand 3Black WarRiot GearNessus WitchYellow Memory
Hand 4Blue MoonNessus WitchYellow MemoryBlack War
Hand 5MarsMoonNessus WitchScotty Puff Jr.
Hand 6Riot GearBlack WarBlue MoonMars

Bio-Hack Puzzle Solution

Cortex SurfaceOccipital LobeFrontal LobeTemporal Lobe
Amp AdjustBlinkInvestigate ThoughtsInv Emotions
Amp DownFearFeel jelousy
Enable MixerInvestigate BehaviorInv Emotions
Mixer ControlProtectFeel Resentment
Enable OFDMInvestigate ReasoningInv Hearing
Amp AdjustRecuperateHear Burn
Carrier OffInvestigate ThoughtsInv Vision
Freq ControlAngerSee Black
Freq UPInvestigate BehaviorInv Memory
Mixer ControlFightSee Weapons
Enable QAMInvestigate MemoryInv Memory
Freq ControlEarthSee Caves
Mixer Freq DownInvestigate Reasoning
Investigate Memory

Shop Items
  • Time Compass - Find Kronos Labrynth

  • 10’ Pole - Get unstuck from pits

  • C-4 Explosives Pack - Used to get into the Labrynth or at V

  • Vial of Acid - Use at VII

  • GPS Auto Mapper - Get near Labrynth, need C-4 to get inside

  • Omega Token - Give to Boss or try the Lottery

  • Omega Syndicate Patch - Avoids fights with Thugs

  • Solar Powered Flashlight - Navigate dark tunnels

Bold items are needed to successfully navigate the Labyrinth.

The Kronos Labyrinth is laid out like a clock. Movement directions are generally listed as going clockwise, counterclockwise, in, or out. There are rooms at every intersection, number, and between intersections and numbers.

In the center of the Labyrinth is a mirror that you can rotate to highlight the different numbers. A plaque reads: "A Light in the Darkness can show you the way. Take care to preserve that which is natural, and purge that which is not." This indicates that the prime numbers will need to be illuminated, and interacted with.

Labyrinth Solution
SpoilerXI -> II -> VII -> V -> III - > Tunnel between VII and VIII -> Center

Lucky Lottery Numbers

Time Master Ending
SpoilerSomewhere inside the Labyrinth is a way to travel back in time, and repeat some of the actions you did earlier.

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