Tips and Tricks
There are a lot of strategies and small bits of information that can be very helpful for all players, so I've compiled a bunch of them here, hope this helps :)

Weapon Types:

There are 3 types of weapons in this game, primary, special and heavy attacks.

Primary attacks are the fastest, and do not have any added damage multiplier. They have no ammo requirement, so they can be spammed all you want. Primary attacks deal half damage to shields, which is something you should be wary of when trying to kill stuff quickly. Primary attacks are also what your super's damage is based off of, so having a high primary attack can most of the time be very helpful.

Special attacks are slower than primary attacks and require ammo to be used (which can be either bought from the weapon shop at the Acropolis or obtained from items you get by killing enemies), but deal 2x damage to shields. They are very helpful for quickly getting rid of enemies shields, and I highly recommend going into your Settings and switching the initial attack to "Special vs Shield" if you have plenty of ammo (there are exceptions to this such as when titan farming you don't want to accidentally one shot enemies and for a no kills run you also don't want to instantly kill enemies). They also give slightly more XP and Drachma than Primary attacks give.

Heavy attacks have a flat out 1.5x dmg multiplier, but they attack the slowest and cost ammo (similarly to special weapons). Heavy weapons are great for titan farming (which I cover below) and for killing enemies in as few hits as possible. Early on they can be quite expensive due to the relatively high cost for ammo, however by the mid-late game you should have more than enough drachma to afford plenty of ammo. Similarly to primary weapons, they only deal half dmg to shields. They also give slightly more XP and Drachma than Primary or Special attacks give.

Titan Farming:

Titan Farming is the general method I recommend the most to grind up to lvl 75, and during an Earth Only run you will be titan farming the entire time, so it is highly beneficial to know how to do it well and efficiently.

What you'll want to start is as much atk%, xp% and crit% as and as powerful of a primary and heavy weapon as possible, and make sure you have some heavy ammo and have the damage dealing subclass equipped. This maximises your gains per titan. Titans give xp and drachma based on damage dealt, not the number of hits, which means that by hitting them hard you can get a bunch of xp and drachma in a single hit. First you want to get rid of their shield (as fighting shields only gives roughly 1/3 of the amount of xp and drachma that attacking hp gives) and then get their hp as low as possible without killing them. Then you want to super if you can, and if not then you want to heavy attack them. You will get ~25% extra xp and drachma on the killing blow, so by making sure you use the highest damaging attack you have on the killing blow you can get lots of xp and drachma in a single hit. You want to repeat this on every titan you see.

You might run out of titans eventually, but there is a simple way to help make them respawn. Each area has a limit of about 55 enemies, so by clearing out 5+ enemies you are essentially making room for them to respawn, allowing you to get more consistent gains. Pick an area to camp in, and then keep farming the titans and then clearing out as many enemies as you can to get maximum gains.

Kratos Farming:

Once you reach lvl 75 you can go buy the ship to allow you to travel to Mercury, and from here onwards the optimal strategy changes from titan farming to Kratos Farming.

What you'll want for this strategy is as much defense and xp% as possible (or D% if you are trying to get to Mount Olympus), and as weak of a primary weapon as possible. This strategy works because from Mercury onwards the normal enemies start giving much more xp and drachma per hit, making this strategy more viable. You'll want to find the strongest enemy whose hits you can tank, and then keep hitting them with your primary weapon. You want to be able to get as many hits off as possible, so the kratos weapons are perfect for this (hence this strategies name) as they have the lowest base attack stat out of every weapon in the game. This strategy is also great for farming battles for events.


Cards are a feature which rewards players for fighting the same enemies more. As you kill more of a single type of enemy, you will gain progress towards that enemies card. Each rank of a card provides a 0.5% boost to xp and drachma gains from that enemy, and they have a maximum rank of 99. This means with a maxed out card for an enemy you will get a 49.5% boost to xp and drachma gains from that enemy. This boost is multiplied with the base gains from that enemy (so a rank 99 card will mean you get 1.495x the amount of xp/drachma from that enemy). As you rank up cards more, the requirements for the next card will increase. Once a card reaches rank 5 it is "unlocked" and will appear on your profile. Cards are account based, which means that they are very helpful for lvling up multiple characters as the xp and drachma boost will still apply. Bounty kill requirements also scale with a cards rank, so if you have a lot of cards unlocked you will see that your bounties will become much harder to complete.

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