Titan Farming
Many players ask: "What's the best way to get XP/Drachma?", "How do I Titan farm?" or "Where's the best place to Titan farm?". Well, it depends on where you are in the game.

Generally, the best place to farm for Titans in the early to middle section is Gold's Watch on Earth, although Traitor's Snare and The Quiet on the Moon is also good. Later on in the game (Mercury and later), try farming the Titans in the highest area you can reach and see how well it goes - if not, you always have the previous areas to fall back on!

To start, try to get a Primary weapon with the highest base attack as possible, as Titans give XP/Drachma based on damage. (Optional: use Attack Boosters, XP/Drachma Boosters and Balanced Boosters if you wish.) Next, equip the subclass super that grants bonus damage (like the Strike Blade super) and have at it!

Ideally, you should be using primary to get the Titan's health low, then using your super (or heavy if your super is on cooldown) to get a killing blow. This will grant you a lot more XP/Drachma than normal, as the killing blow also gives more than a normal hit. If you're lucky, you'll land a critical hit and get even more XP/Drachma from it. And if you happen to have some, try the Berserker Charm (or if you're a little later in the game, the Daimona Lyssa/Enrage bike from Borgen) to double your gains as well!

NOTE: I would recommend changing your initial attack to Primary in Settings to avoid one-shotting the Titan once you're stronger, especially if you've completed the Poseidons Mark story to get Poseidon's Trident.

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