Triumphs are like fancy versions of achievements. They are much tougher and will show up with a banner on your profile. Some players like to collect as many triumphs as possible, so I have provided a list of them all, how to acquire them and general tips/tricks for how to complete them.

1000 Shards of Zeus - Acquire 1000 Shards of Zeus total

This triumph is quite self explanatory but may take quite a while to get. In order to get a guaranteed Shard, you have to be within the top 3 dmg dealers on a Zeus with a minimum of 2 million dmg, or you can get shards very rarely from the killing blow on Zeus. There isn't much strategy to this triumph other than make sure you have a slayer set with as much attack as possible, get the Phalanx bike from Borgen and consistently farm Zeus for quite a while. Eventually you will get this triumph.

100K Day - Get 100,000 battles in a single day

One of the best methods to do this is to equip one of the Kratos' and patrol the Acropolis and farming the Acropolis Sentinel. The high shield of the Sentinel and the low dmg dealt by the Kratos allow you to get heaps of battles off of them, while minimising downtime for switching between enemies. It's recommend to attempt this if you have a large amount of time to spend on this game in a day. Note that you will you require a relatively fast connection to the server to be able to get this triumph.

1 Trillion LP - Get 1 trillion (1,000,000,000,000) LP

Only one player has earned this beast of a Triumph..... it's obviously Cloud, right???
(Hint: it's sueZ.)

200 Cards Unlocked - Unlock at least 200 unique cards

This one is tackled over a large period of time as it is very time consuming to unlock 200 cards. In order for a card to be unlocked you have to get it to lvl 5 and then kill that enemy one more time to refresh it. You should get a notification when a card is unlocked for an enemy and cards can be viewed at your profile. To get this triumph I recommend turning on the card progress tracker in Settings and going through every planet, killing enemies until you have all of their cards unlocked. If you need some more cards to finish it off, start grinding cards for titans (I recommend going to Help > Titans and going through the list till you get all the cards you need), this takes a while but with patience can be done relatively easily.

50K Kills Day - Get 50,000 kills in a single day

This is generally considered to be tougher than the 100K Day triumph due to the extra time required to get a single kill, however the strategy for this triumph is still quite simple, albeit difficult to implement. Go patrol the Acropolis and keep killing enemies for hours and hours. I do not advise doing this in a normal area as you may run out of enemies to kill, costing you precious time, and by grinding in the Acropolis it is much more likely that you will be able to one-shot every enemy. This triumph can be very brutal to get, and usually requires well over 12 hours of continous killing to obtain. Note that you will need a quite fast connection to be able to get this triumph.

Deathless 99 - Reach lvl 99 without dying

This one is fairly self explanatory, but can still be difficult if you aren’t careful for the entire run. Knowing your limits is key, know which enemies you can and can’t fight without a risk of dying, and act accordingly. I highly recommend buying some good gear from hero shops (especially with def%) to give a well needed defense boost to help you survive, without slowing the run down too much. Never fight Public Event bosses.

Deathless 99 Hard Mode - Reach lvl 99 in Hard Mode without dying

This run is considerably more difficult than the regular Deathless 99 run, as in hard mode enemies deal 3x dmg, meaning you need much more defense to survive. Chances are that unless you want to spend heaps of AC on a full red riot set from Hero Shops, you won't be able to survive comfortably at Mercury or the Black War. As such, I recommend using the Earth Only strategy of farming the 3 titans at Gold's Watch (I call this a HMEOD run, a relatively *easy* way to earn up to 4 triumphs depending on whether you have any of those triumphs already) to have a somewhat safe but not incredibly slow run to 99. I highly recommend buying a full set of blues from Hero Shops (other than special cause at lvl 50 you can get the Trident) with a mix of atk/def/xp/cr and hp/atk/def/xp perks to maximise survivability and to make sure your run can be faster. I also recommend infusing xp% on your gear if you can afford it to give that extra boost to your lvling speed, cause the less time you spend on this run, the less time you spend being able to get enrage critted and instantly die.

Defeat Kratos - Defeat Kratos in the Astral Plane

As the name suggests, you must first gain access to the Astral Plane, which requires you getting Onyx-tiered gear (obtained by leveling a Godly piece of gear to level 99) in every slot, to unlock the final area where Kratos resides. You must then do enough damage to him and land a final blow in order to earn this Triumph and obtain the God Tier status. For more information, check out Gear Leveling.

Defeat Zeus - Be in the top three dmg dealers for a Zeus

The difficulty for this triumph comes more from getting the 50 million lp required to access the Throne Room rather than actually fighting Zeus. The best way to farm lp is to go to Phobos and farm kills, as that is where you can typically get the most lp in the shortest amount of time. Alternately, if you have a good slayer set you can farm on Mercury instead to speed it up, however you need to be able to one-shot most of the enemies there for this to be noticeably faster. When it comes to killing Zeus himself, the godly clan set or a full slayer/oracle set will do the trick, and if you’re struggling you can always ask in chat and a more experienced player should be able to help you out.

Defeat Zeus Hard Mode - Get the killing blow on a Zeus while inflicted with all 3 Status Effects

This triumph can be a pain to get for many reasons. Firstly, HM Mount Olympus is very difficult to survive at, you will need either a max defensively infused slayer set or a partially defensively infused oracle set with at least Scooty Puff Sr to survive, and you'll need a practically max defensively infused oracle set for fighting most tiers of Zeus. Secondly, you have to get 50 million LP on a HM character, which will probably take a while (took me ~8 hours of farming on Mercury with a full slayer set and some weapon infusions). And lastly, you have to try to get all Status Effects at once and then kill Zeus without having any of them get automatically cured. The best strategy I can recommend for this is to use ghost cloaks, get 2 million dmg on Zeus, switch to your main hero (or get another player to help), weaken Zeus down until it's practically one-shot, switch back to your HM hero, kratos farm MO titans to get all 3 SEs, immediately run away from that titan, go fight Zeus and pray you get the finishing blow. As for gear, I highly recommend a slayer set with defensive infusions if you don't want to buy lots of ghost cloaks or offensive infusions if you are planning on using ghost cloaks. Make sure your primary is max infused with base stat, get a bike with as much attack as you can get your hands on (I recommend Storm God from the Shipwright since it doesn't cost AC) and pray you get lucky. Have fun with this one.

Earth Only 99 - Reach lvl 99 without buying any ships

This is one of the easier triumphs to do, you just have to reach lvl 99 without buying any ships. The trick to this one is to go to Gold's Watch and farm the three titans there. Try to get as much atk%, xp% and crit% on your gear as possible, hero shops are very helpful for this. Getting a good primary is also key, I recommend getting the Payback DHYB at lvl 65 and the Void Exile at lvl 80 if you can afford it. Remember to get the Trident at lvl 50 as well, and I highly recommend changing your initial attack to primary in Settings so you don't accidentally one shot the titans with a crit and miss out on the xp. Just use the normal titan farming tactics (get them as low as possible and then super/heavy them) and you should be done in no time.

Fully Matching Set - Equip a full set of gear with matching set and rarity

To get this triumph you need to have a full set of gear with the same set and rarity, regardless of what set/rarity it is. The easiest way to get this triumph is to buy the purple clan set at the Clan Shop once you reach lvl 50. If you aren't in a clan (I highly recommend joining a clan) then it comes down to having good RNG and getting a full set from memories and maybe a few pieces from various vendors.

Hard Mode 99 - Reach lvl 99 in hard mode

This is also pretty self explanatory, just reach lvl 99 with Hard Mode turned on for that character. Hard Mode makes it so that enemies deal 3x their normal amount of dmg, and they deal a minimum of 5-15dmg per hit instead of 1 dmg per hit in normal mode. Pretty much all you need for this run versus a normal 99 run is a lot more defense, however I recommend titan farming all the way to 99 instead of kratos farming at Mercury and the Black War because it is very difficult to survive there.

Inaugural Season - Get 100,000 battles total during season 1

This triumph is now unobtainable as season 1 has finished. If you did not get this triumph during season 1 then there is no way to get this triumph now, even if you use a season 1 hero.

Kratos Only - Reach lvl 99 without ever equipping a piece of gear

This is one of the tricker triumphs because it can be failed very easily and is a big test of your patience. You cannot equip any pieces of gear or else you will be disqualified from this triumph, however bikes are still allowed. It also requires a minimum of 1 battle. There are two main ways to tackle this, either farm chests or buy a bunch of boosters and rush to 99. If you choose to farm chests then expect this run to take quite a long time. If you choose to buy boosters then expect this run to be very expensive. The best way to speed this run up is to buy the Vision of Homer bike from Borgen if you have the AC for it.

Level 99 - Reach lvl 99 with any hero

Chances are this will be one of the first triumphs you finish because it is very straightforward. Just titan farm until Mercury and then Kratos farm until you reach 99. Not much else to it, that's generally the best way to get to 99 for the first time.

Max Decode Rank - Reach decode rank 99

This is a triumph for the very endgame players due to the very large time commitment required to get to DR 99. You will need 760,000 decode points to reach this, which will typically require over 300,000 memories to achieve. There are two ways to tackle this, either farm on an area where you can one shot every enemy or farm kills on MO. Either way, the Item Magnet from Borgen is immensely helpful to speed this up. This will probably take a month of farming to achieve, so be prepared to be committed to the grind if you attempt to get this triumph.

No Battles 99 - Reach lvl 99 without fighting a single battle

This triumph is a massive time sink, and requires a ton of dedication. In order to complete this triumph, you cannot fight a single battle on your Hero. How is this possible, you ask? It's simple, but very tedious - all you need to do is dismantle Weapon Shop weapons until the cows come home! Or, if you happen to be willing to spend AC to speed up the process, you can buy max-infused Whites from Hero Shops. Keep in mind that they cost 5 AC apiece, and dismantle for 10,000 XP, but they are much easier to buy in bulk than from the Weapon Shop. This is probably one of the grindiest and least-interesting Triumphs, so be prepared to spend way too much time for a silly little banner on your profile :p

No Kills 99 - Reach lvl 99 without getting a single kill

This triumph is a test of your patience. You are unable to get any kills (opening a chest counts as a kill) which means you will want as little attack as possible. I highly recommend saving up 500 VM before starting this run to be able to buy the red Kratos from the VQM to try to ensure you don't accidentally kill any enemies. I also highly recommend trying to get as much def% and xp% as possible and as little atk% and crit% as possible. If you are struggling, then the Vision of Homer bike from Borgen can be very helpful. One very important thing to remember is to run away from the enemy you are fighting just before the top of the hour. If an enemy despawns at the top of the hour and you are fighting it at this time it will count as a kill and disqualify you from the run. This is most likely the way you will fail this triumph, so keeping this in mind is crucial to beating this run. I also highly recommend setting your initial attack to primary in Settings to avoid one shotting enemies with a strong special weapon, and I also advise against buying heavy ammo so you don't misclick and kill an enemy by accident.

Onyx Gear First Piece - Upgrade your first piece of godly gear to lvl 99

This one will take a while. I do not recommend going for this until you have all the Borgen weapons, the Linus Sight helmet and max infused godly gear of your desired set. There really isn't much strategy to this one, just read the Gear Leveling page for the basics and then farm Zeus for XP until you lvl your gear up to onyx. The best strategy is to use the Vision of Homer bike from Borgen , grind lots of Hero XP and transpose that into a gear piece of choice. Keep doing this for a long time and eventually you will reach onyx. Also, the Crazy Tapper bike from Borgen is great for transposing, but comes at a hefty price to match it's value, so depending on how much AC you have it might be worth looking into it.

POTD - Player of the day

To get POTD you have to have the most battles in a day out of everyone who doesn't have POTD yet. Usually this is something that you'll just get by accident by playing a lot, but if you really want to try to get it then see the 100K Day triumph for how to get lots of battles quickly. A little bonus to being POTD is that you will get a special box around your messages in chat for the day :)

Reach Mount Olympus - Go to an area in Mount Olympus for the first time

This is one of the more endgame triumphs, however it is more time-consuming than difficult. Just equip the highest defense and D% set you can get your hands on and farm the toughest enemy you can in the Underworld or New Agora (preferably Servitors and Ogres as they give the most drachma per hit) until you reach 60 billion drachma, then either wait for a sale or grind out the remaining 15 billion. This takes about a week if you grind for it fairly consistently.

Sell 150k Items - Sell a total of 150,000 items

This will probably come while farming DR (Decode Rank) using the first method due to the large amounts of kills you will be getting. The Item Bike from Borgen is highly useful for getting this triumph, but it will still probably take a while regardless. Please note that you cannot sell drachma items, and I highly advise against selling cores and memories.

Sub 1 Hour Level 99 - Reach lvl 99 within 1 hour of making the hero

This one can be a doozy, and quite expensive to do. What you'll want is an XP% daily perk on a weekend, fast connection, lots of AC and someone with gear to sell to you at the ready. First off you need to make the character, then buy out item you can at the Weapon Shop, go to "My Gear", unlock them all and then dismantle them all. Note you cannot bulk dismantle them after unlocking them, only manually dismantle since they are vendor gear. After that you'll want to buy boosters, a lot of boosters. Buy a few thousand battles worth of Ghost Cloaks, Berserker Charms and XP II and III boosters, possibly some others as well if you feel it's necessary. Next, buy a set of XP% whites from someone's shop, the higher the perks the better. Buy the Vision of Homer bike from Borgen as well as the 999% XP boost is crucial. Hit a couple of Titans to get to lvl 30 and then head back to The Acropolis and buy a set of atk/def/xp/cr blues, preferably with scholar or fighter as the set, from someone and equip it all. After that it's just grinding, Titan farm to rush to lvl 75, and then immediately go to The Acropolis, buy the ship to Mercury and equip the white starter kratos. After that find the strongest enemy you can, kratos farm them till 90, buy the ship to The Black War and then kratos farm the strongest enemy there till lvl 99. This takes a good deal of rng and a lot of AC to do, so make sure you're prepared beforehand when going for this triumph.

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